Nov. 2nd, 2016

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Today was a damp 53 degree day in November, and might even rain too. Hopefully when I get down to Tokyo it won't rain on my way down to see a certain someone's wedding, especially when it's after a saturday class where parents and the PTA come down to one of my schools to observe us teach. Parents watching me flail while teaching! Yay! If the chilly weather today is of any indication, it's going to feel much worse in December for this Californian to adjust to. 

One thing I came to notice, and realize, last month was that when I say in my introduction that I am American, a lot of students thought that it means i am half-American, meaning one of my parents is American and the other Chinese. This comes from how in Japan, someone from mixed heritage can only be a Japanese citizen if their father is Japanese, and anyone else have special residency status (infamously, such as when Korean-Japanese are considered second-class citizens here). But there is some obvious smudging of that how mixed kids can be either Japanese citizens or not, so some mixed kids are considered "Japanese citizens" without having the paperwork for it to go through. How that is dealt with can be researched with depth from googling, but it comes under scrutiny for high-profile people such as Renho Murata, whose father is Taiwanese and her mother Japanese, and her eligibility for being elected leader of Japan's Democratic Party was being scrutinized. 

Needless to say, I had to clarify with some classes how American citizenship is obtained, which prompts some "ehhhhh?" From them. 

I didn't do much for Halloween, mostly just spending the weekend tutoring my regular students and also walking around Tokyo on the 30th. There are some people cosplaying and kids in costume, but I think because it was a Sunday there weren't many outside parties around. Then again, I kinda limited myself to just Shinjuku and Harajuku, and I think it's in Ikebukuro and Shibuya where the parties are at. But I also spent the weekend getting new clothes and buying some makeup so I can practice making myself look at awesome as possible. I think I came to a point this time where I want to try thinking about taking care of my body and how i want to present myself, and probably gain some semblance of control out of it. 


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