Mar. 5th, 2017

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 So I will be moving out of Japan at around the 26th and the 27th, which is pretty sudden considering i gotta find out how to dispose of my furniture that doesn't end up in a garbage plant, and also doing things like taxes and trying to wrap all legal things up before I leave the country. Good thing that the JET Programme websites and Interac have webpages and PDF files dedicated to detailing all these things, unlike SOME dispatch companies. Almost like some places feel responsible for their employees and want to not leaves things in a messy tangle. 

All that aside, I also am feeling a little blue about the prospect, since I feel that I haven't fully used my time well to see the things i want to see when I first came here. Firstly was the Eorzea Cafe, which I have to get tickets for to get a reservation, so I have been holding that off due to not wanting to deal with Lawson convenience store stuff out of laziness. I also didn''t get to see Kyoto,  so I have been trying to squeeze time for it somehow. 

But I did see a lot of things. I saw a lot of Tokyo every week, to the point of not wanting to know more about it since at some point every tall building is the same and speciality merchandise is an illusion peddled by marketers to prey upon our impulse to get limited item things. I went to Comiket twice so I got some actual doujinshi in amazing quality, so I am somewhat content on my latent otaku feelings. I also made some meaningful connections with my coworkers and with the kids, and I think that being able to make it out in Japan and living by myself while having minimal japanese language learning while being kinda conversational is pretty impressive. I guess my feelings of regret is more that I feel like I have finally grown accustomed and assimilated to the place, and then I have to uproot myself so that it feels like I would lose what I have gained. Which is pretty different to how I felt around ten months ago, when being by myself a lot meant thinking way too many mortal things about the future. 

But all in all, I'm looking forward to moving not to Graduate School in City University of London. I am gonnna do publishing!
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 Man, I check the tag for one of the characters for my Ninja otp in Fire Emblem Fates, and there's some people just having really decisive feelings about relationships in general.

"I don't ship these two characters because pre-game canon has them being broken up, so these two broke up for a reason." 

Starting a relationship has a reason! Breaking up has reasons that doesn't require them disliking each other! You can still have a solid platonic relationship as exes! Why is it that when people get paired together, it's "meant to be" whereas if they broke up before it obviously means "they're wrong for each other forever." 

And then they make up elaborate headcanoning about why that is never referenced or happened in the game, so clearly it's just some people trying to justify having different tastes. 

Has no one watched the Parent Trap??? Granted, it has unrealistic expectations of real life divorcees and for the kids of them, but it rested on some realism to make getting back together a hopeful motivation! Has no one read X-men? Everyone was on and off with each other! That was my "Days of our Lives!" during my junior high years. 

Granted, it's called "Days of Future Past." :P 

Ba dum dum tish.

Sorry, but I sometimes have some strong feelings about latent feelings of love and affection. And maybe elaborate secret handshakes.  

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