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 I am in Mito city for teacher training. Lots of info to absorb but the higher ups giving the presentation and training are engaging and enjoyable. My coworkers who are also new ALTs are a fun bunch too. Two from the UK, four from Australia, and about 6 from the US (three from California), and one Filipina. Pretty fun people and had Indian food last night in an actual Indian restaurant about the Mito station. 

Mito is pretty cold, tho. Especially after the summery weather in California. The trees haven't even gotten leaves yet around the city. But everyone is looking forward to spring and cherry blossoms, and some shops are selling Sakura Mochi and other local things for the event. Also lots of kids already in school uniforms but it might be because they are graduating or finishing their school year, and next week is when school starts. 

Pictures to to come soon!

as a side note: final fantasy record keeper had some soul break events and I got some fine as hell equipment with each of their draw, including FFVII five star equipments and lots of FFX.
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