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At a Starbucks in Harajuku, and pretty much waiting around for 6pm when my haircut appointment rolls around. I have what now amounts to a short bob, but the back is much longer compared to the front, and if nothing is being done then I would be forced to sport around an awkwardly layered mullet. I'm hoping to get something that would amount to an undercut in the back but if not that then a nice looking A-line. The hair salon I googled for in Harajuku has some English-speaking folks there, so I'm hoping that the process will go smoothly and that I won't have to just sit in a seat with more awkward silence than usual when getting my hair cut.

But why was I in Harajuku? It was because this morning, I met with a guy named Terry who picked me as his weekly private English tutor to help him be more fluent. He's over 30 and not too bad on the eyes, but he has traveled around a lot before coming back to Japan four years ago. To me, I think he's pretty fluent, but he wants to be so fluent to the point of being like an inspirational TED Talk guy. I'm kinda like, "Getting to the point of being a TED Talk guy takes a lot more work than just being fluent in English, bruh," and he was like "Yeah, but if we practice a lot, I totally think you can help me do it." He also wanted to do more in relation to business, which intimidates me a little since my experience in teaching English has mostly been children, but I think that so long as our meetings is just focused on improving his skill in English and not necessarily in something like free conversation or just practicing, then maybe it'll be okay. 

What's interesting about meeting Terry is that he also runs his own travel magazine thing that acts much like a tourist travel magazine one sees around Tokyo to advertise to tourists and travelers, but his is focused on Kobe. When I told him that I once dallied in SEO writing and writing articles to be published (which never came to be, sadly), his ears really perked up at it and wanted to see if I can produce some writing samples for him. Which I'm like "Okie dokie...?" And he clarifies that if good enough, he would of course pay me. He also mentioned that he's making an English language learning start up company for people in college and in adult life because he wants better resources for them, and he needs a proofreader. So it's pretty weird and serendipitous that my first stab at. Tutoring gig results in more business opportunities for me. 

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