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 Waiting at the cafe where I'm to tutor my next adult pupil in Tokyo, and so I thought it would be nice to put some words out on this blog. Back a couple weeks ago, the very lovely and amazing [personal profile] ser_pounce_alot got hitched and so there's a Mr. Ser_pounce_alot to pair with the missus! Their wedding party was delightful and everyone was beauteous, and so is the food and booze. Also met the amazing [personal profile] drakonlily , and [personal profile] seventhe IN THE FLESH.  

After the wedding party, we went to karaoke until midnight, which was unfortunate because I missed the last train back to my prefecture. But, I scouted down the three friends and groveled to stay the night with them in their hotel room. It was lovely and they have fluffy futons. Also ate breakfast the next day with them~. But yeah, it was the first time I had to spend the day in last night's clothes and so needless to say, my feet were killing me when I finally went home after a full day of tutoring in a party dress and some boots. 

I've also made some progress in doing some grad school applications, mostly in Europe since they don't require GRE test scores to be submitted, but I'm also looking into studying for the GREs after finishing up that round of applications. But I'm also stuck in whether I want to do another year in Japan or just head on home and hope for a better paying job until I do grad school. Though when talking to my parents about it, they seem to bet on me being a teacher for a while just so I can earn a salary, and then once I get a nest egg then I can try and do whatever I want. which is a fair plan, but I fear that this might be something I'm going to settle for for a long time, and I sill have some lingering dreams of being a publisher or an editor, and I don't know spending time to get an education degree would be worth it if that's not my ultimate goal. And I also want to explore more of Japan, or at least try my hand in applying to places in Hong Kong so that I can be with among my people, but thinking of all these applications is such a pain in the neck when I'm trying to figure out interesting lesson plans. 
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