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 Man, I check the tag for one of the characters for my Ninja otp in Fire Emblem Fates, and there's some people just having really decisive feelings about relationships in general.

"I don't ship these two characters because pre-game canon has them being broken up, so these two broke up for a reason." 

Starting a relationship has a reason! Breaking up has reasons that doesn't require them disliking each other! You can still have a solid platonic relationship as exes! Why is it that when people get paired together, it's "meant to be" whereas if they broke up before it obviously means "they're wrong for each other forever." 

And then they make up elaborate headcanoning about why that is never referenced or happened in the game, so clearly it's just some people trying to justify having different tastes. 

Has no one watched the Parent Trap??? Granted, it has unrealistic expectations of real life divorcees and for the kids of them, but it rested on some realism to make getting back together a hopeful motivation! Has no one read X-men? Everyone was on and off with each other! That was my "Days of our Lives!" during my junior high years. 

Granted, it's called "Days of Future Past." :P 

Ba dum dum tish.

Sorry, but I sometimes have some strong feelings about latent feelings of love and affection. And maybe elaborate secret handshakes.  

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