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School and work encompassed my life and since next week is the last week, I feel like I want to blow it off.

current things that i hate: research papers done late, paper writing, school campus, cafeteria with the same food, and Western Civilization HIST 103.

I think what particularly made me surly was the fact that I didn't even have enough energy left to really devote to NaNoWriMo.

Pardon me:

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So it's been about a month since my last post, give or take a day, and many things have happened:
  1. I went to Anime Expo all four days during Independence Day weekend.
  2. During the after hours of work, I tried alcohol for the second time and became a little tipsy as a result.
  3. Most of my friends are doing study abroad or volunteering for the Red Cross in South Africa.
  4. and making websites is difficult because I realized I have to put stuff in it.
The final stretch of the Summer session in SBCC is drawing to a close this Thursday and I'm slightly worried about my final website. I don't really think it's fundamentally hard, because I can always view the lecture movies and I actually now have time to actually go back on campus and get a media arts tutor to help me out if I want to. I think it just takes up a lot of time. So I'm glad that I'm only scheduled to two shifts this week, but even so...

NOW I'm kind of worried that the lack of shifts for me is because of my behavior at the restaurant. I know that I can sometimes be unintentionally intimidating, since my manager says so once I do, but I really hope that my overall performance outweighs my occasional moodswings that can be acted out in public.

Well, once I'm done with my website, I'll hunker down and write out a review of my days at AX 2010. I may even attempt to add pictures :D


I have now enrolled at Crunchyroll.com and found it to be great. For a streaming website, it's not bad, so now I'm starting on Durarara! and will probably move on to other stuff from there. Speaking of Durarara!, as a result of Anime Expo's video rooms, I've seen the light and declared Baccano! to be one of the best things produced out of Japan in a long time. I've also started to look around 4chan a bit, in an effort to have things to talk about with my other Otaku-ish friends, and really the only places that are satisfying to me are /co/ and /a/. I really don't see what the appeal of 4chan is, but I'll probably keep lurking there to see if I can find them.

Except in /b/.

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