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Pooh! Turns out I can raise club money to use to spend on Anime Expo 2012 expenses unless my club advisor is there the whole time the club members (me) are there.

Well, she did say that she was thinking of going anyway.... though I think she teaches Japanese during the summer....

My saving grace from paying more bills is hitting a roadblock.
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Current: In Los Angeles. In Wilshire Grand. Obtained Anime Expo Premier fan badge and concert tickets, had a marvelous frappacino flavored Coconut Creme, and listening to CNN.

Situation: Attending Anime Expo Convention in Los Angeles for the whole 4th of July weekend, and rooming at the Wilshire Grand with two awesome roommates, one who is my awesome ex-coworker and the other his awesome friend who apparently has a colorful life and full of many talents. Among them cosplaying, hair, jewelry-making, and body-guarding.

Plans: Do the summer semester at my City College to finish up my General Education credits. Conceptual Physics 101, whoo! I think I can ask people on Dreamwidth on how to do my homework. I also have an appointment for my Driver's License test in July. I will finally be independent in mobility.

Done: Spring Semester. Things were better than expected. Especially that B in Pre-Calculus. YAY! Not so good on that Philosophy class... Buuuut, this will be my turning point.

I've also turned in my two weeks' notice to my restaurant boss. 2 years have been a long time in one place, and even if there are such awesome co-workers and staff, that boss/owner.... God, all the drama I avoided in high school rears its ugly head for the first time at work. So much tears and injustices....

I will eventually post pictures.
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South California is going through a bout of rain storms this week, and today had howling winds and whipping rain.

I worked double shifts tonight at the restaurant, and I have never had such dissonant mood swings in my life. Like EVER. I couldn't even remember the last time I've been experience a wide range of emotions over the span of five hours. And it was like there was a constant wave of changing emotions and by the end of my shift I was exhausted. I would go from chipper to irate to mirthful to rage within ten minutes depending on the tables I'm waiting or what a certain co-worker would say to me.

I spilled soy sauce-laden dishes twice today... over my next to only pair of pants and my (worn) $100 walking shoes! I burned my finger with blistering hot tea that splashed over the sides of a teacup and I just have to say that I have never felt more drained and exhausted in all my days in that sushi restaurant.

And recently, me and other co-workers would rant on this one specific co-worker, and I will assure you that she actually deserves them, and while I actually feel like a weight's been lifted from me when I commiserate about her, I really felt kind of bad for it because I know that in the big picture that it's kind of petty to talk behind that person's back about her faults and that I do wonder if it reflects on my behavior and I'm complaining about her as an excuse to make myself feel better over my own faults.

And goddamn it, why do I keep spelling words the British way, like "behaviour." That red squiggle line is telling me that what I'm doing is WRONG and that SUCKS.

Tips: overall, I made $96.

In other news: booked my room for Anime Expo! I'm going to be staying at the Millenium Biltmore!
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  1. Finished Spring semester at SBCC.
  2. Registered for Anime Expo and reserved a room at the LA Westin.
  3. Passed Japanese 102, English 110, English 120, and Philosophy 100
  4. And failed Film Studies because of one paper.
  5. Resulting in banishment from Anime Expo because of personal duty and filial piety (by dropping the GRADE F-bomb on the parents).
  6. Quit my first job at a respectable health food publishing house because of conflicting school schedule, leaving me with my only occupation as a Cold Stone Creamery Shift Leader.
  7. Rejected by Teavana for employment. Need 2nd job for more income and to break monotony as an ice cream performer.
  8. Dropped  my Western Civilization history online class for Film Studies 101 so that I can raise my F grade to an A(?) in order to redeem my GPA. And enrolled in Japanese conversation 120.
  9. Watched "UP" with my friends from other colleges, which are: Lewis and Clark, Texas A&M, American University, Howard University, and Harvard.
  10. Totally got flirted by Harvard friend on that day, which was the first time we've seen each other since that cameo during Spring Break.
  11. Attended my high school alma mater's class of '09 Graduation Ceremony to congratulate my underclassmen buds.
  12. Gave my underclassman female best friend and iHome as a graduation present.
See? Didn't need Twitter at all! All these are the major points of the ending of my Spring Semester. Now I'm just chilling at home until Summer Session starts.

Note: I really, really wanted to meet the creators of Robot Chicken at Anime Expo. And the Power Rangers reunion.

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