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So now I've returned to livejournal in an attempt to keep regular postings. Most likely I won't have many comments, but I might as well write because writing my thoughts and feelings down regularly might help me mentally and practically. For practical reasons, writing everyday might improve my writing techinique, which would be great for my future and for life in general. And for SATs.

I'm also doing the SAT test on March 10, 2007. Fun.... Granted, I'm a junior, so I have plenty of time to take the SAT as many times as I want before I'm satisfied. Still, I feel like I should study for it, even though...I don't really want to. Call me lazy, call me stupid, but I'm a procrastinator and well, it's pretty hard to change. Don't feel up to changing right now.

I realized looking back on my past journal entries that the last bit of news was when I was called back for the Asian bit for Auntie Mame. Didn't get it. Lost it to caucasian girl who is, apparently, funnier than I am and that's the reason why she was chosen and not me. Granted, I like her very much and enjoy her company, and I agree that she is funnier than me in many ways. But....

I still hold a grudge to the director for his decision. For a while I held some resentment to the girl who got in, but I let it go for her. She performed well, and whether or not the audience understands that she's playing a Japanese maid and not some weird maid who's probably foreign doesn't really matter. Much. It's interesting anyway.

Anyway, back to today. I and two other fellow Jounalism students and my Journalism teacher were interviewed by our local news network for our opinion on Youtube and how it shapes our culture and how we feel about it, especially when held in dispute about some girl ganging up on another girl and "hopping" her, or fought her like the bullies they are, and someone shot a video of that and posted it up on the website. It was pretty fun chatting with the reporter while the camerawoman rolls away, and it was great that I get to share my opinion on TV, which will show up on monday. I wish I wore nicer clothes, though, but I just found out today and decided to come and be interviewed. It was only a selection of three students, and I volunteered to go.

Also, a couple of nights ago, I saw the musical production of Rent at the Arlington theatre in Santa Barbara. I received it as a free ticket from a friend who was too busy to go, and I must say, I was very happy to accept. It was on the night it was performing, too, so I had to hurry to get my affairs done before the performance. The musical was simply magnificent. I was eight rows away from the stage, which is the closest I've been in any performance I've seen in the Arlington, and I was stoked. The musical was, I think from the top of my head, made as a "rock opera" so there were many huge black stereos stacked on top of each other on either side of the stage to give the appearance of a rock concert (I wouldn't know, as I've never been to a rock concert, but I imagine that's how they did it). Heh, and Rent is based off a French Opera by Puccini called La boheme, so it feels very fitting. All in all, an amazing experience.

I think I witnessed a few Rentheads, but I there's a pretty big crowd there.

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Really, yesterday was so exhausting...

Thursday, too, for that matter.

On Thursday, my school has auditions for "Auntie Mame" and I just found out on that day. So naturally I freaked out a lot, because I have stuff to do on Thursday (GODDAMIT, I KEEP WRITING IT 'THRUSDAY!'). But lucky for me the auditions were really short. Like shorter than normal.

15 people auditioned on that day. More was probably on the day before, but still, I only had time to rehearse for 20 minutes before I was called in. And during that time I had to fill in my resume. And I had a partner who didn't know squat about acting and only signed up because of college applications. Sorry but, what a silly girl...

Anyway, all yesterday I was dreading with a heavy weight in my stomach, because I have been rejected before and I don't think I can take it if I've been looked over and not on the callback list. I knew it might happen, but still the feeling was like someone slammed the door on my face before I could say anything....

I was on the callback list :D (HUZZAH CALOO CALAY BOOM SHAKA LAKA!!!) And so I stayed afterschool yesterday to practice my role for "Suki/Ito" the Asian servant. Yes, it's somewhat...you know, but it's a better chance for me, since I fit the role as Asian already.

I was also the only Asian person called back for Ito. The rest were Caucasion...

But before all that, I had to pick up my little brother in the elementary school nearby and soon after that I have an appointment with my independent study teacher to show off my piano skills AND then I practice my lines.

Which I did. And I also brought with me (along with my piano books and water) my cd player with cds of Japanese pop/rock. BETTER PRACTICE, EH?

So I auditioned. I did fairly well in my opinion, so I have a strong feeling that I'm going to be on the play :D:D:D:D:D

And then after that, when I thought I could relax at home, my adult friend Melody called me and asked if I'm still going to the Youth group at the Chinese Evangelical Church.


Oy, and I just got home. Oh well.

So I was really busy that day. Practically went home at 10:30 pm...So tired yesterday...

Wish me luck for Auntie Mame!

(and for those who've noticed...I've done the exact same journal on my DeviantArt account journal. But, since not everyone goes to DA, I copy and paste the same story in here, for those in LiveJournal.

...I'm lazy, ok?)

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