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 ...I bought the digital copy of Dragon Age II last night because I felt a mighty need to play it and write stuff about it, but this computer also doesn't have a disc drive sooooo digital copy it is. 

And also because I'm going a fresh playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins right now and so it's like me going back to alllllll that time when Dragon Age was why I have more of an internet presence. 

Also, tonight is really cold and foggy!
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Started playing: 

1). Dragon Age: Origins

2). Final Fantasy VII for Moogle U.

3). Cinders

............looks like it's "try out all the games you redownloaded onto your new computer because you're bored" phase. 

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Finished my finals and am glad that they're good and buried. I got a guaranteed A on my Psych class, which is supremely awesome given my track record. The rest.... not awesome. Oh well, it is what it is and I'm determined to redeem myself in the Spring. The steps I'll take to ensure that I do so would be to re-study all that I've learned. Consistently, and it'll help to have a lot of time on my hands.


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Nov. 26th, 2011 01:52 am
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So I marathoned Dragon Age: Origins starting at around.... 3? Anyway. I finished it.

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God, what a slog.

It's almost worth it, since I really like Oghren (even if Steven Blum wasn't voicing him- maybe).

Possibly scariest scene in Dragon Age thus far )

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I've played the game for a week now, and that's bad because I'm now becoming more irresponsible in my responsibilities. Because Dragon Age ate my free time. Waaaay too much.

I'm somewhat reminded of the battle system of Final Fantasy XII, since the use of tactics and such, but it's more convenient because some attack are already there to use and THEN let it be loaded up again. So I liked that, but it's not like I play many other RPG games outside of Japanese ones, silly me. And action games like Assassin's Creed, but you know I think that these Canadian video game developers have something special there. Bioware and Ubisoft tend to, I feel, have better representation of their characters, that is, they actually make them more interesting and well-rounded.

They make great stories and they back it up with good writing. "Beyond Good and Evil" and "Assassin's Creed" are good examples, and though I haven't seen much of Prince of Persia or Uncharted or Mass Effect and so forth, I can still get the understanding that they're all interesting for the most part.

Well anyway:

I play a female Cousland who wears her hair in prudish buns but has a harsh voice. I'm usually pragmatic in her dialogue choices, so I like to think of her as being too serious in appearance but when talking to her can be sympathetic and

Plot  ).

Romancing Alistair. )

Morrigan )
Although, I-I want everyone to be like a nakama to each other.... I wish everyone can totally be like One Piece!
Zevran: Misdemeanor #1 )

And Oghren makes Misdemeanor #2 )

And that's all for today.

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I've just watched "Good Will Hunting" in completion for the first time, and not in snippets from televised appearances which actually enhanced my interest in the film. I'm surprised at how good it was and that it was different to what my initial impression of it, which I guess was that I thought it was going to be more philosophical in some way. Well, a lot of things can seem more philosophical during teenage years than they really should be.

I also bought Dragon Age: Origins for the PC about last week. I've downloaded it from Amazon, which took almost two days which in hindsight was foolish, and I really really really really like it. I now understood the hype. It's actually my first RPG that's from North America, so it feels more different than what I'm used to. Getting the hang of the battle system and I'm currently stuck in the Fade trying to find my wayward companions who are lost in a nightmarish dreamscape where I'm not used to battling around as a single character. Battling in real time, mind.

I'm playing Fem!Cousland, and I'm very sure that I've made her more Animesque than I intended, but it's not grotesque. I'm really digging the characters, so there's not one that I disliked or found to be boring, so I really got to praise Bioware to making interesting people. And excellent dialogue, because I haven't really played a game where I can actually notice how good the dialogue is.

I want to write dialogue like that.... I WILL BE INSPIRED! I will practice and do it!

Cuz, yeah, NaNoWriMo, right? Sure.... Megaflare must be done, though. And my philosophy essays. And my reading, oh man I need to get on that (damn you LOCKE). And homework. In which all of that is writing.

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