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 Vincent Valentine and Veld, post Dirge of Cerberus, and a cameo with Shelke and Tifa. After all that has happened, Veld takes the time now to look for Vincent one of these nights? Time has displaced them, and it's like looking at people you knew wearing masks of their fathers.

Birthday present for kingofbeartraps, on tumblr.

wordcount: 3,151
AO3 link: here

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Finals are over and winter break has started! Crushing ennui has already descended, as well as rain storms over California coasts. 

I felt like I love whatever energetic steam in October, which really sucked because it’s like I’m placing my misgivings over various things on me losing my job. Objectives that had motivated me became a drag, and so it’s like I spent the last half of the school year just half-awake. Probably literally, too, since half the time I would oversleep a bit because not having to work anymore means more time. But I think that things are going to pick up soon, so I’m just going to relax. 

I’ve finished placing my college transfer applications, which would be going to SF State and SJ State, as well as to UCSB, UCSC and UC Irvine. I’m hoping to be accepted into UCSC and to SF State or SJ State, just pretty much anywhere out of my hometown. So what’s left is getting my scholarships down and also to post my fall grades as soon as they are available. What’s especially life-affirming was that I got an A on my Philosopy writing class (whilst a C in a philosophy history class- LO SIENTO MI MAESTRO!). Awaiting the last class to be graded, and I think it’ll be a good one, so I feel hopeful. It’ll be tough to get to that 3.0 GPA the way I’m going, but I think I’m getting there. 

Fannish things that have happened- I really should be finishing my WIPs that I’ve started and then lost steam over. I have, what, one crossover between FFVII and Tales of Symphonia which would be placed in the FFVII-verse. I still have that DA2 long story with Fenris, in which I would be writing about Anders and then Merrill. It’s supposed to follow Act 1 and be world-building, character-centric stuff. I also got 2 Vincent one-shots, one for personal and another because of another user. 

And I’m hoping to finish this by Saturday, which by then would be the family trip to Hong Kong! 
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Title: Laughed Out of Town
Characters/Pairings: Shin-ra
Rating/Type: G
Team: Turks (?)
Word Count: 100
Series: Before Original Game Content
Author's Notes:  Second Person POV, and it's based under my head canon that the Shin-ra family was originally from Nibelheim.

So you turned heel and walked out- that sleepy little town in the mountains in their fog and clouds covering the sky and the ground. They’re hypocrites, all of them! They sit on their haunches at their porches, wondering how Nibel can scrape by, but you suggest one thing and they cry tradition! Tradition! It’s all we got to retain our identity.

So they sneer at your Wutainese powder, obtainable from the fireworks merchant from over the mountain. You’ll show them.

The world will know Shin-ra, armed and protected by it, and it will be turned by your invisible hand.

Drunk Post

May. 4th, 2011 12:23 am
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Drunken post )Drunken Post )
I will be productive tonight. Let you know in the morning.

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Title: In the Face of Adversity
Characters/Pairings: Tseng, Cissnei
Rating/Type: PG
Team: Turks
Word Count: 100
Series: Before Crisis
Author's Notes: Warning- Racism

What Cissnei knew of Wutainese pride, she knew from Tseng. Raised by Shin-ra’s hand since childhood, she knew Tseng since his first day and envied him because he was hand-picked by Veld. She tested his chops by quizzing him and he responded through his fervor.

Envy became sympathy when the Wutai Conflict began, and there are posters around town of slant-eyed yellow men with buck teeth and pigtails, eating rats. Someone betrayed his confidence by cracking his locker, and he cleans the slander off with soapy water. He silently accepted her help, wrathful eyes disclosing his hurts.

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Title: Girl Talk

Characters/Pairings: Tifa, Aerith, thwarted Aerith/Cloud due to external circumstances

Rating/Type: G

Team: Avalanche

Word Count: 100

Series: Original Game

Author's Notes: First FF story EVER. Feel free to question my story.
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Dear Me

Feb. 17th, 2011 11:48 pm
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If you can write a half-assed English paper discussing about racial identity in American Literature of which you are comparing two stories that has on one Jim Crow South and miscegenation, and the other being a Japanese American Nisei witnessing the gender roles of Asians in America as well as the loss of innocence of women being taken advantage of by men...

And it's all done within three hours, between sleepy space outs, making you miss out the two classes of the day including the American Lit class, turn it in at the teacher's office hours AND have it accepted because she is that awesome...

Then you can damn well finish a goddamn Valentine's Day one-shot in FFVII fandom!


That's me scowling at me.

Tips tonight: $46.

Also: Work was really good tonight, as I can confidently say that through my efforts I was able to wrangle $20 tips out of five tables. And it was a fairly slow night. I couldn't believe how much time has passed without me noticing it. I guess not freaking out allows time to flow faster.

Sidenote: My paycheck was WICKED.
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Every time I look at someone's livejournal for their fanfiction, and they're pretty good fanfic writers, that when I go to their user profile I find that they either live in Florida, USA or Canada. I'll rant about the former because it's in the same country as me.

What, is there a conference of FFVII writers in Miami? Are people in Fort Lauderdale plotting to blow up a future Meteor by postulating in their Fanfic?

Florida is not within driving distance from where I am!

Tips: $50

PS. My Kindle is here one day early!
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First of all...

Why are people in administrative positions so stupid...? Why did I have to wait in half an hour in a line in Financial aid when there's no one at the window and all I wanted was to ask a question? WHY DON'T PEOPLE FORM LINES THAT MAKE SENSE?? SO THAT I DON'T HAVE TO THINK THAT I'M IN THE RIGHT LINE AND REALIZE IT'S THE WRONG ONE?

*deep breath*

Okay, now I'm good.

I had math, which was all right, as I'm already familiar with the subject matter. I'm still attempting to squeeze in an English class, so I'm still looking. I've also added a class, which is a Film Studies class called "American in Film up to 1960s." Which sounds like fun! I'm such a die-hard cinephile.

So tomorrow will be Japanese 101 and Film Studies. Yay!


I'm starting to think I should quit one of my two jobs... but I want money.... To pay for books....


Also, I have to somehow squeeze in on working on my fanfiction along with schoolwork and work. It's a Mega Ten Persona 3 fic, centering on the original SEES: Akihiko, Mitsuru, and Shinjiro. I think my style is very.... maybe abstractly poetic? I realize that I make some weird descriptions and pacing, but people seem to like it! So I'm very committed in this fanfic. Maybe I'll post it up on here sometime. Be warned: it's not yaoi or yuri. Don't swing that way, but not against the concept (somewhat...).
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So, I've been busy, in a sense.

On Tuesday, I had my first date with a friend I haven't seen in over two years. We're good friends, and being such he offered that I get to experience my first date. A friendly hangout. So we did. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch and then watched "Hancock" afterwards. The movie was ok, but it got really lame towards the ending. Oh well. Then after that, we passed by a used-music store that was well-known in the city only to find that it's going out of business and there's a huge sale. So, naturally, to support the establishment one last time, I shopped there!

I bought:

Dido and Aeneas opera CD.
Beethoven's 9th Symphony
The Three Tenors CD
Castle of Cagliostro
and Rocky.

So good deals! I'm really sad that the store is closing, though D: It's hard to find unique music stores nowadays that adds to the local color of your hometown.

But back to my date. I think that two years of not seeing each other felt a little odd to me. And during that time, I confirmed that I have no special feelings whatsoever towards my friend. So while I see it as two friends hanging out, he tried to make an effort to make it feel like a date for me. Now that I experienced that firsthand, I really kind of wished he didn't. Oh well. It was still fun.

Now, things to do:

Take the English Assessment test to test into English 110 for SBCC.
Attend my 18th birthday banquet
and then attend the 18th birthday of another friend on a cruise ship later that night.

But the first one might be a bit of a challenge to do. While I'm worried about whether or not I can write coherent essays, I also realized that I don't have any cash to take the bus to downtown at the college. Which is all kinds of misfortune.

Speaking of cash, I miss the tips I get at Cold Stone's... I need to inform my boss that my extended break is over and i wish to work again. But he doesn't respond to my emails! I need to go to the store and make a note for him one of these days.

Also, I've been writing fanfiction (of which I published in Fanfiction.net!), which is pretty exciting, because I already got 6 reviews and numerous story alerts. That gave me a lot of motivation to continue- I'm not a loser!

But I also developed this feeling that although I love what I'm writing (Persona 3 fanfiction), I also dreaded what I published, because I felt that it's crap to the rest of the world. *Holds head in anguish*

Is that a common feeling? It's like something out of "Whisper of the Heart" if it's more specific on what I'm feeling.
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And the movie was such an intense experience for me. It was an excellent flick and I was glad to watch it and I wouldn't mind seeing it again. There were so many action sequences and suspenseful moments that come one after another, that I have to admit I felt overwhelmed and jittery. So much so, in fact, that I was actually shaking and twitchy afterwards. I couldn't even have the strength to open the car door from the inside! Man, my ride can't help but look at me in disbelief. I had such an adrenaline rush.

But yeah. I don't want to make a big deal out of Heath Ledger and Christian Bale and the movie in its entirety because I'm sure there's been so much of that everywhere. I watched it, and I couldn't help but want to see it again just so I can examine the people I'm seeing. Ledger's Joker was so intriguing. It really is a shame that this is the last time such a performance was made by such a promising actor. Oh wait, that other movie, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, will be the official last movie of Heath Ledger's career. I'll have to see that in the future.

After the movie, I got bitten by the creative bug and I can't help but to write fanfiction. No, not Batman fanfiction. But the movie gave me the motivation to write, if not to calm myself and pull me away from the darkness that the movie has driven me into. So in that regard, I'm grateful I saw it. Especially with friends.

This summer is truly precious to me.

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