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 Alrighty point to Moogle U and how to do it, for starting July I now have games in which I can play to satisfaction and can take acceptable screenshots. 

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 I desire friends...

I am inspired by Moogle University! 

Disclaimer: I am in general more excited by the FF ladies and I'm picky over which boy is my homeboy, but I am a "CRITICAL THINKING PERSON WITH A PROPENSITY TO PHILOSOPHIZE IN ORDER TO REALIZE MY GOAL IN LIFE." 

As a philosophy major *3*
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Rhinestones That Shine (5880 words) by Zen_monk
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VII
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Kain Highwind/Tifa Lockhart
Characters: Kain Highwind, Tifa Lockhart
Additional Tags: Friendship, Male-Female Friendship, Flirting, Healing, Fear of Death, Fear, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Angst and Humor, Shame, Angst, Minor Violence, Survivor Guilt, Psychological Trauma, self-deprecation, Existentialism, Strangulation, Teasing
Series: Part 3 of Beyond the Rift

Fatigue and injury settled in Kain's bones long before he found Tifa. Fatigue and injury rested in his being, which got dredged up and disturbed, given names and forms, when Tifa made him sit down for just a hot second because for Cosmos' sake Kain, you're going to fall over like a fainting goat at this rate! So let her teach the virtues of self-care and of faith, for fighting those mirrored likenesses of yourself has leeched you from all of your being, and risk making you as hollow and dull as those manikins that you so despised and feared.

So why is it that manikins look so much larger than life than the real things? Each one mirrors the face of treachery, and each one mirrors the shock of those victims when the lance has pierced them through and shattered. If she keeps stripping you of your armor to treat you, will she see the loose sand that counts as filling not so unlike a doll?

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 In which in the end of March I have:
  • Been accepted to Cal Poly Pomona and San Jose University, both as majoring in Philosophy and possibly other minors? 
  • Written possibly around 20K words worth of fanfiction?? Wow.
  • Have overcome my fear of driving on the freeway and am now an autonomous motorist. 
  • Possibly bombed my Comparative World Religion's midterm.
  • ...Also have neglected reading my textbooks.
  • worst school month ever, really.
  • Have fully embraced my PS Vita lifestyle.
  • A lifestyle reflected by playing a loooot of 
  • Final Fantasy IV and is sequel The After Years.
  • Dissidia 012 
  • Declared the best spin-off to have happened is the storyline of Dissidia 012 and has made me want more continuing adventures/sitcom of Lightning, Tifa, Yuna, Kain, Vaan, and Laguna.
  • Especially if it means more Lightning and Laguna interactions where they are the co-leaders of the team of love and peace. 
  • Have also been watching and enjoying the dub of "Tiger and Bunny." 
  • And suddenly my life is obsessing over Liam O'Brien and his deep sexy crazy voice. 
  • As he portrays Kain Highwind and Yuri Petrov. 
  • And now I shall play Final Fantasy XIII-2 just  so I can finally get to playing the story.
  • And for more Liam o'Brien. 
  • And I impose all my Kain Highwind, Tifa Lockhart, Duodecim and Tiger & Bunny feelings unto my online friends.
  • Who in turn make me read Trigun manga and watch its anime so she can explain her amazing fanart. 
My life is online friends, Liam O'Brien, and Tifa Lockhart.... all made by the sacrifice of schoolwork.

Awesome March...?

And finally: Cadbury Eggs are awesome.

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 Fallon, you just bought most of the Final Fantasy related things on the PSN when it's on the 50% off sale, at least the ones that you didn't already own. But you also have the physical copies of them...? like Tactics and Dissidia games and stuff...? Even the one FF that wasn't on sale?

Look at this life and these choices: I just can't handle the gaps in my digitial media library where it could easily be filled. 

Yer a hoarder, Fallon!
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I'm playing some Final Fantasy IV on the PSP, so it's the complete collection thing with the interlude and After Years, and after playing the DS version I was really impressed with the updated graphics for the sprites and the setting since it's the GBA version. Things look lush and vibrant in the game, and it feels different compare with playing the DS version where everything's three dimensional. I miss the voice acting, tho, and especially Kain's DEEEEEP voice and Cecil and Rydia's earnestness. And alas, no augments in this game. Or the bonus items in completing a dungeon map. Or the mini-games... No! I must finish this psp game! I haven't actually finished the DS game, for shame, in over a year even though I'm in the last level xD ahhhh well.

But this time around, I think I'm noticing the depth of the story more than I did when I first played it, and it could be because I'm not older and wiser and more informed, but with the story as a whole, I feel like I'm starting to realize the inner motivations and nuances of the characters than I did before. 

Character thinky thoughts about Cecil and Rosa and et al )
And that's my thinky thoughts for the day about FFIV. Now onto finishing the stupid dungeon and somehow getting all the party members at some point. 

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 Vincent Valentine and Veld, post Dirge of Cerberus, and a cameo with Shelke and Tifa. After all that has happened, Veld takes the time now to look for Vincent one of these nights? Time has displaced them, and it's like looking at people you knew wearing masks of their fathers.

Birthday present for kingofbeartraps, on tumblr.

wordcount: 3,151
AO3 link: here

Read more... )

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Title: Laughed Out of Town
Characters/Pairings: Shin-ra
Rating/Type: G
Team: Turks (?)
Word Count: 100
Series: Before Original Game Content
Author's Notes:  Second Person POV, and it's based under my head canon that the Shin-ra family was originally from Nibelheim.

So you turned heel and walked out- that sleepy little town in the mountains in their fog and clouds covering the sky and the ground. They’re hypocrites, all of them! They sit on their haunches at their porches, wondering how Nibel can scrape by, but you suggest one thing and they cry tradition! Tradition! It’s all we got to retain our identity.

So they sneer at your Wutainese powder, obtainable from the fireworks merchant from over the mountain. You’ll show them.

The world will know Shin-ra, armed and protected by it, and it will be turned by your invisible hand.

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I've finished Final Fantasy XIII yesterday, meaning that since buying the game a day after it came out, I have been grinding for three weeks in order to achieve this great achievement. Needless to say, I felt that the ending was a little lackluster.

It's probably because of the transition of how I played the final moments of the game. Like, before heading towards the final dungeon, I returned to open-sandbox world Gran Pulse to finish a couple missions. After I've done all I can, I returned to the final dungeon and ground my way through the level which was accompanied with particularly grating, pseudo-Twilight Zone music in the background; it gotten bad enough that the whole experience made me wish for an end to the horribleness or at least have the option to mute the music but keep the battle sounds going. Actually, I think I might have been able to but didn't think about it up to that point.

When I FINALLY got to the final boss, I gotta admit that it wasn't too challenging because it was more like a marathon of hitting the Big Bad and surviving his "REALLY POWERFUL" blows rather than the more urgent battles I've had with my missions, especially Titan's mission trial. I guess that's one more similarity to past final fantasies- easier boss fights compared to HARD missions. I've actually had to fight THREE boss fights which were divided up by fairly long, pretty cutscenes filled with melodrama like a Twinkie. Unlike a Twinkie, I wasn't filled with artificial sugary goodness; in fact, I was just waiting for the story to end.

I guess my problem with the ending was that it was a bit anti-climactic, and not just because I decided to read ahead on a fansite and spoiled the ending for myself, but when I compared to other endings like in Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and X, they were wrapped around so neatly. The end of the FFXIII game felt like it was open-ended enough to garner a sequel - which is would, as confirmed by the producers of the game, but really, that decision came after they finished making the game, so really I felt that there was something off with the ending itself. Wait, I think I know: because of how the entire focus of the game was more towards the characters rather than the world which they live in- like the absence of town exploration and interactions with other characters- that I really felt like I didn't care what happened to the world anyway. Don't get me wrong, I liked how the team cut corners like that so that they were able to make do with the bare bones while giving pretty exciting gameplay, but I guess I hadn't considered the story so much because of the game's focus on character development.

Oh well. At least this isn't the end of Final Fantasy XIII so I can look forward to the stuff later on. Overall, it was a pretty fun game that I'd like to replay now that I've gotten the hang of it.

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