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FFVII is like this overall litmus test of how to gauge your tolerance over how many people have differing opinions and feelings over it.
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Started playing: 

1). Dragon Age: Origins

2). Final Fantasy VII for Moogle U.

3). Cinders

............looks like it's "try out all the games you redownloaded onto your new computer because you're bored" phase. 

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And thus I start off FFVII with an ominous shot of Aerith talking to electrical systems/mako leakage. The screen for the game is set to 1278 by 720...ish. Somewhere along those lines. Playing it on a 15.6 inch laptop. 

Product placement of a UK band that eventually became its own badly written mythology in a spin-off game. Goblin's Bar sounds like a banging place to be, though. 


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So I'm doing the Moogle University thing!

Have you ever played this game before? If so, what versions?
 Playstation and then PSP. 
What version are you playing this time?
 PC version, downloaded in 2012
Do you have a fannish history with this game? If so, what?
 Sure. Since playing during high school time (between 2004 and 2008...dates are fuzzy), I've been mostly putting it behind because I both didn't have the game until I found it in gamestop and also because of fandom saturation which made me shun all things super popular. So I've seen its iterations in Advent Children and in Kingdom Hearts. Those didn't have much impact on me other than "Mopey Cloud" and that it's a boring movie. I also didn't hold those against the game as a comparison. Then I played it and thought  "hey this is pretty fun" and started plotting out long epics from it. I actually thought first about Tifa's five years in Midgar... and then Turks epic took over and then various other shipping kind of stories that I wanted to make. 

I mostly read the fanfiction though. In hindsight, it's made me realize that there's a lot of tropes that fandom makes over the game in their fanfic works that seem too much like accepting the "reading between the lines" of things that fit their biases. The usual biases in FF7, of course. It's really unfortunate because knowing the source material and also authorial opinions on the matter (I refuse to accept Nomura as the end-all go-to FF7 guy, like come on he didn't write it and he made a shitty movie which then got re-made into less shitty but still messy B-movie kung fu chop socky flick). 
What are your expectations for this playthrough? (Things you've heard from other fans you want to look for, things you want to prove/disprove, etc.)
To get through fandom fatigue and just play the game to remember why I like it. Also, if on the by chance I do finish it early, try out a smattering of Crisis Core as a companion piece. I also expect myself to focus on world building and immersion, the "stuff that makes Midgar" and why things are put where they are as optional cutscenes and backstory reveal. 
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Rhinestones That Shine (5880 words) by Zen_monk
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VII
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Kain Highwind/Tifa Lockhart
Characters: Kain Highwind, Tifa Lockhart
Additional Tags: Friendship, Male-Female Friendship, Flirting, Healing, Fear of Death, Fear, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Angst and Humor, Shame, Angst, Minor Violence, Survivor Guilt, Psychological Trauma, self-deprecation, Existentialism, Strangulation, Teasing
Series: Part 3 of Beyond the Rift

Fatigue and injury settled in Kain's bones long before he found Tifa. Fatigue and injury rested in his being, which got dredged up and disturbed, given names and forms, when Tifa made him sit down for just a hot second because for Cosmos' sake Kain, you're going to fall over like a fainting goat at this rate! So let her teach the virtues of self-care and of faith, for fighting those mirrored likenesses of yourself has leeched you from all of your being, and risk making you as hollow and dull as those manikins that you so despised and feared.

So why is it that manikins look so much larger than life than the real things? Each one mirrors the face of treachery, and each one mirrors the shock of those victims when the lance has pierced them through and shattered. If she keeps stripping you of your armor to treat you, will she see the loose sand that counts as filling not so unlike a doll?

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 Vincent Valentine and Veld, post Dirge of Cerberus, and a cameo with Shelke and Tifa. After all that has happened, Veld takes the time now to look for Vincent one of these nights? Time has displaced them, and it's like looking at people you knew wearing masks of their fathers.

Birthday present for kingofbeartraps, on tumblr.

wordcount: 3,151
AO3 link: here

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Title: Laughed Out of Town
Characters/Pairings: Shin-ra
Rating/Type: G
Team: Turks (?)
Word Count: 100
Series: Before Original Game Content
Author's Notes:  Second Person POV, and it's based under my head canon that the Shin-ra family was originally from Nibelheim.

So you turned heel and walked out- that sleepy little town in the mountains in their fog and clouds covering the sky and the ground. They’re hypocrites, all of them! They sit on their haunches at their porches, wondering how Nibel can scrape by, but you suggest one thing and they cry tradition! Tradition! It’s all we got to retain our identity.

So they sneer at your Wutainese powder, obtainable from the fireworks merchant from over the mountain. You’ll show them.

The world will know Shin-ra, armed and protected by it, and it will be turned by your invisible hand.

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 I am very sure of why I had this dream and where it came from.

Last night, I dreamt that I was Tifa from  final fantasy 7 and I was somehow being pursued by an evil witch queen with a horde of zombies gunning for me, and my only hope was Vincent Valentine who is somehow acting like some kind of trickster spirit guide. I say trickster spirit guide because he is somehow so magical that we evade the undead horde through animal transformations to elude them and bypass them. So not only was I a Final Fantasy character and being featured with my dreamy FF guy, but I also dreamt of being in the point-of-view of being a cat and a rat. Apparently, cats see in sepia yellow and rats see in infrared. 

Very triply. And disconcertingly realistic and intense. I can't decide if whether it was a nightmare or not. It also featured clothes from Project Runway from last Thursday. So there were also flamboyant people there somewhere. 

So how did I get this dream? Going on Resident Evil wiki, it's tv tropes page, and also watching the latest episode of project runway. And fanfic brainstorming.

Reinforces my fantasy fear, though: running through my neighhborhood escaping hundreds of zombies. As Tifa. If I was going to becomes badass kung-fu fighter with a rocking bid, why can't I also dream myself Kung-fu fighting?!
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Title: In the Face of Adversity
Characters/Pairings: Tseng, Cissnei
Rating/Type: PG
Team: Turks
Word Count: 100
Series: Before Crisis
Author's Notes: Warning- Racism

What Cissnei knew of Wutainese pride, she knew from Tseng. Raised by Shin-ra’s hand since childhood, she knew Tseng since his first day and envied him because he was hand-picked by Veld. She tested his chops by quizzing him and he responded through his fervor.

Envy became sympathy when the Wutai Conflict began, and there are posters around town of slant-eyed yellow men with buck teeth and pigtails, eating rats. Someone betrayed his confidence by cracking his locker, and he cleans the slander off with soapy water. He silently accepted her help, wrathful eyes disclosing his hurts.

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Title: Girl Talk

Characters/Pairings: Tifa, Aerith, thwarted Aerith/Cloud due to external circumstances

Rating/Type: G

Team: Avalanche

Word Count: 100

Series: Original Game

Author's Notes: First FF story EVER. Feel free to question my story.
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