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I think one of my favorite sequences in Disc 2 was the Galbadia prison jail break. You get to see Zell take up action, and this guy is super energetic so I feel pumped for him. Also, we get see what Ward was doing, which was being bored out of his mind and doing janitorial work in aforementioned prison...coincidentally. Well, I guess there's only one prison for political dissidents in Galbadia, so it's not so coincidentally randomized.

I like that Quistis and all the other people are just giving Zell BIG HINTS on what to do next and how to jailbreak. Such as Rinoa being like "....anything looking familiar, Zell?


Cut for D-District Prison comments, Squall and Seifer comments, and Rinoa comments. And blowing up missile bases. 

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In my current slightly inebriated state, I declare Winhill to be the most chillest town ever. It's like mostly empty, has brown environments that are actually pleasing and homey as opposed to....brown. With the rooftops and semi-gray and brown brick/stone ground. And Raine's bar is swanky. With the candles on the tables and the way that it's nicely decorated so that it's homey and relaxing.

Nah, I haven't started on Laguna's run, yet. Seeing him fighting monsters solo gives me Dissidia feels, especially with his initial battle stance doing that prep work thing.

Catcherpillars can just go eat some pesticide crops. Seriously, what are those Galbadia soldiers doing, there's a vermin infestation running the streets. All giant bugs and stuff. Should shooting at this swarm with all their bug-fearing ways. And I keep getting Stop spells from those Catcherpillars! Gotta draw those suckers dry so that I can be immune to their wiley ways!

Though, I think Winhill music after a while got that music box thing a little bit too much. It's going into kitsch zone, almost. Like after ten minutes.

Also some game meta about the Sorceress Adel, who rules Esthar with an iron fist and gets all the little girls kidnapped across all occupied areas. This is now going into fairy tale conventions and I love it because it adds a kind of scare factor into this modern setting with their newfangled machine guns and... Esthar. Like no matter how much humanity has progressed, magical beings would still go after your children one way or anotehr.

Square Enix has this thing for women working in bars. You get Tifa being the patron goddess of all ale and wine. Then we have Raine. And then in Before Crisis Elena gets to work in a bar in some sort of fashion? There's also barkeep in X-2 and then you get Lebreau in FFXIII and XIII-2 and making her place the base of operations for NORA.

Check back on me when there are more sexy lady bartenders (sans Barkeep) in where it's like 3/4 of them are hot brunettes and one of them is underage (seriously, how can Elena work in a bar during Before Crisis, isn't she like not even 18 when her sister was being all stoic turk lady? Man, drinking laws are lax in Midgar. Hire me, Midgar.)
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  1. I use the draw system a lot. I also level up to the point that I get third tier magic off people by the time I'm in Timber.
  2. I also tried to farm dragon skins off this snake thing, until I checked a walkthrough and realized I fought the wrong monster.
  3. Too bad Zell, you get to skip a weapon tier.
  4. I also once restarted a save so that I can get that magazine in that sewer in Deling City because I couldn't leave it alone. Which meant having Quistis and her crew go through the sewer again, but I was prepared for that. 
  5. My usual team for Timber TV Channel heist was Zell and Rinoa, and then afterwards was Quistis and Selphie (to level them up). 
  6. Lots of traps making for Laguna in that Esthar excavation site. 


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Have you ever played this game before? If so, what versions?

ONCE UPON A TIME, THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL WHO WORE RED AND HAD FLAAAAAMING EYEBROWS      had this friend back in elementary school who was her first gamer friend boy, and he would come over to her house to show his game stash on her Playstation.

Thankfully, he wasn't an asshole in retrospect, and that it was a good introduction for me into video games. AND THAT VIDEO GAME WAS FINAL FANTASY 8.

How I oooh-ed and ahhhh-ed at the game (I think I was in fifth grade, so that's 2000, and so it's pretty much a "new" game in that time), and I think it was the shit. I thought everyone in it was so cool and so amazing, and that I couldn't wait to one day own it and play it out. And I loved it. I eventually owned it in, what, four or five years later? When I saved up money and there was KB Toy Store and GameStop? Yeah, I totally went and hunted for old Final Fantasy games. I was gonna be cool  and totally like, catch up with the big kids about it. So I played FF8 on my own on my Playstation in the middle of junior high school and up to high school when I got my own PS2. I never beaten it, though. The closest I got was at Disc 4 at Ultimecia's castle. Then I went to play different games.

In short, FF8 was my first FF introduction ever, and I loved everybody in it and still do. It is my nostalgia candy.          
What version are you playing this time?

PSN version where I can play it on my Vita. I was playing it recently before thinking of committing to a Moogle U-esque playthrough, where I got to Disc 2, so I'm thinking of power running through Disc 1 so that I don't feel like cheating on the month to get to my most recent save file. Just need to, uh, resist the urge to get a whole bunch of magic drawing. That was addictive. THIS WAS PART OF WHY I ENJOYED IT WHEN I WAS LITTLE. I LIKE COLLECTING THINGS, IT FULFILLED THAT CHILD URGE TO COLLECT.
Do you have a fannish history with this game? If so, what?

First FF game to play and was introduced to, first one to get me into Fanfiction reading (well, probably not. The very first fandom was "X-men: Evolution"). And first what amounts to an OTP with Squall and Rinoa. 

What are your expectations for this playthrough? (Things you've heard from other fans you want to look for, things you want to prove/disprove, etc.)

To actually beat the game, :P. Also to reaffirm that everybody in this game is interesting, with all their flaws and misgivings, and that I shan't spiral down the usual collective of people who found some misgivings with the game. 

Nostalgia goggles are onnnnnnn. 
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 speaking of college, in my current state of mind, Squall is probably the most relatable in that sense. 

Recently graduated. 

Expecting exciting, stable career. 

Ends up in an unsteady start-up. 

Realizes he can’t quit. 

And all the adults are unhelpful. And realizes that being independent is a lie and so he lies in bed saddled with the knowledge that he can’t make it alone- that people helped to where he is now, and that him without people helping him is the worst situation ever. 

We were all Squall, at some point. 

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