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It should be very clear what would happen if you get a usually preoccupied person and mixed that person with the tendency to leaves things everywhere in the hopes that by creating some kind of pattern the need to remind oneself with post-its and agendas would be moot and could bring recollection of school assignments back without much prompting.

What I mean to say is what should I have expected when I find out on Sunday evening that I can't study for my Spanish test the next morning because the textbook is NOT IN MY ROOM? After agonizing and terrorizing the household upside for any possible, and impossible, location where I may have dumped the pile of paper, I realized that it's in my school locker in the gym about ten miles away. And then there's me who remains lacking a driver's license, not to mention the fact that the school would have closed all doors by then.

Should I have expected a 'C' for my efforts in studying in vain from online homework and the internet? Actually, if one does it right, one CAN do it. It's just that I am lacking in that skill so I shouldn't too surprised this morning that I got a deserved 59 for my lackluster efforts. So it's not the fact that I'm bitter right now because of the grade, because I happen to make deservedly silly mistakes due to my faulty brain.

But I'm agonizing the fact that this could have been preventable if I told my back to suck it up and carry the extra load so that you won't forget it anywhere and have it home, safe and sound, on my bedroom floor at the foot of my bed.

I'm pretty sure I'm eloquent today because of the mini-marathon of watching Zero Punctuation on "The Escapist" website, because really bitterness can only be released through cathartic, bitter, British game reviews :D
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So I got Persona 4 AND the artbook/soundtrack. Yay for me!

Unfortunately, my playstation 2 won't allow me to play it. I'm not talking about frozen screens or whatnot. I mean, everytime I thought I got it going, the screen suddenly jumps to the browser screen. And so, whenever I go to the browser screen, I click on the CD icon to get the game running (whenever I'm at the browser screen at least), I'm jumped BACK to hte browser screen.

WTF. Used PS2's are NOT friendly.

But my Eternal Poison game ran well, and it's a new game, too. So why....

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