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 For the past couple of nights, I've been staying up until 7 in the morning to bang out a rough draft of a research proposal/paper for someone to peer evaluate it, and then turn that in on noon of the 16th. 

Its about how the history of psychiatry and psychological are based on racism and colonial thought in order to evaluate what constitutes the rational mind, and how perceptions of the Other persists even now to unfairly judge and misdiagnosis black folks and minority ethnic communities (BME makes a lovely acronym, thank you Indo-British psychiatrist for introducing that term to me in your collection of essays). 

....and then I got a 5 page paper to turn in about how Sherlock Holmes books are one of the first to utilize racial profiling in fiction, and is representative of how English science categorizes people based on pseudo biology and anthropology. (but Sherlock Holmes is....so short to read, i love it. The only college reading I've finished completely in the whole quarter). 

In happier news, my dad surprised me by asking if I want an impromptu trip to Hong Kong this weekend to visit my grandparents for grandpa's birthday (I think............82 years old). It's so sudden, because my grandpa just wanted to collect the whole Leung clan and have a party with him, and my dad is very into family enough to go along with that plan. I'm actually the only one who'd be accompanying him on the plane ride; two folks remember the horrors of plane travel, and my dear lil' brother who has to suffer through college applications cannot. (that sucker better finish the Common App. Harvard, ho!) [Despite him wanting to go to UC Berkeley and possibly shack up with me as I wander through the Bay area confused and uncertain like a lot of other 20-something year olds]

So I might have made a list of what food I want to eat in Hong Kong while taking a break from re-reading my source texts. 

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Chilling out at my grandparents' apartment. Same building, but now things are new, like furniture. But I think that it's new mostly because they toss out more stuff to replace with sparse, new stuff. Like a flat screen tv and a small table that can convert to a big table.

It's been a nice change, seeing as how the past two days have been spent doing considerable walking and sightseeing. Two days ago was the first day for us in Hong Kong as the previous night was spent flying from California to Taipei and then to Hong Kong. I hate not having much freedom of movement and sitting in one small place for too long, so from that experience I've concluded that I hate flying. Not to mention the prevalent fear of crashing down with no Capt. Sully to land us in the Hudson River (or the Pacific but whatever).

Our first day, we had dim sum for lunch and walked around looking at shops. I went with my grandmother and mom while the menfolk resolved in bringing the computers to my grandparents' abode due to payment of interwebs in hotel. As a note, tonight I plan to take this baby with me back to my hotel room as I do have other things to do on this other than looking at the internet. Seeing as how our American flat iron is incompatible with foreign outlets, mom bought another flat iron from a store next to an open newstand (can they be called newstand?) where magazines and manga are sold openly along with newspapers and porn. That image of how paper media is displayed openly helps me understand a little better China's priorities regarding what can be openly sold, but then again it's not like Borders back home set up a special section labeled "XXX" or something. They're just not sold next to manga.

To be continued as we're now on the move back to the hotel, which will be internetless.ta
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I'm at Hong Kong right now and despite it's dreary weather the atmosphere is incredibly warm and is tank-top suitable.

The last time I've been here was when I was eight years old, and I didn't remember much of it except for some prominent memories. Now, I just noticed how new everything looked, how it's not as hot as I remembered it, and that there's way too many people here.

I've been to San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Washington D. C.

Hong Kong beat out most of them.

Current mission: Find the Square Enix store.

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