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 Starting on Thursday night, protests at UCSC have led to students occupying and taking over the Humanities 1 building, kicking out administration and other staff workers, and filling it with students with the intent to remain there for a whole week in order to disrupt classroom operations. 

People were in there to set up some sleeping arrangements on office floors and establishing a student leadership base in one of the meeting rooms in order to organize plans and other Occupy strategies. Posters were put up and the back doors were barricaded, and people were writing phone numbers to a specified lawyer's office in case the police came in to break it up.

Also a lot of music and chanting.

Several of my friends were there to protest and occupy the building. Cornel West was on-campus to give out a speech when a student called out to him to come to the occupied building. 

And I did see him in person as he came to the building to make a speech and encouraged morale. (Should've gotten close to him to shake his hand). 

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 Today there was a protest rally in UCSC for students who are opposing the tuition increase (an increase of 5 percent per year within the next five years) that will result in about 4000 more than the usual tuition average. 

And then tomorrow, student organizations have pooled money for some buses to go to San Francisco at around 5 am to protest at the UC Board of Regents against the tuition hikes, presumably in solidarity with UC Berkeley students as well. 

A couple of friends I know are going, and have invited me. I already used up my absences for one of my classes, so I declined. 

But still.... it's definitely a big UC event that I could probably be missing out on. 

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