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I had my birthday on the 9th, :3. I'm now 23 and I feel that pressure in getting that degree >_<. My family and I went to the Elephant Bar to eat, but the wait was ridiculous even though the food was good.

I also just had the whole weekend parents-free, so my brother and I lived it up by staying up late with loud tv and video gaming.

I also got an on-campus job! \(^o^)/

This job includes an earlier move-in date at Sept. 17 instead of the 18th, which is the usual date for transfer students. So I can potentially move-in before all my other roommates. This is exciting, because I definitely feel a bit uncertain without having a kind of job or some sort of steady-money flow, and this time I'm going to promise myself to just save the money and use it for the next quarter to buy books and such.

Waahhh this is gonna be less than a month for me to mooove.
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 personal life: long story short, I’ll have to write an appeals letter to the office of admission at UCSC. 

Thankfully, it’s because I missed sending documents on time (which is most likely going to happen, stupid collegeboard.org…) and so there’s guidelines in how to appeal for that. And I feel like a good shot, since a lot of things have been invested towards UCSC, like housing confirmation and financial aid, and orientation appointment. 

But there’s always that needling anxiety of having that fail despite it. That somehow spaces for students are gone once my admission has been cancelled/revoked. It’s just.. ugh, a lot of stress and conflict in me and in the house because of my epic fail. 

Basically having my parents unleash their floodgate of resentment towards me and my carelessness and unproductivity. 

But it's making me feel really demotivated to do fan stuff, like putting energy into rp-ing or into FFVII on the pc. I've mostly tried to veg out on the Atelier Totori game on the vita (which is a lot of fun, and time management games tend to make me do things repetitively in some semblance of active mind activity; also, the English dub is better to take in compared to the ~*uber moe*~ Japanese voices). 

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Feeling pretty miserable about...one thing really, and it's affecting me and my parents' stress levels and all I really wanna do is vegetate and play some games to de-compress while also planning how to unfuck things.

Also, go die in a fire collegeboard.org, or make everything paperless and give forever access to past scores or whatever.
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Tasks for the day:

1). Make history paper comparing the Progressives and the New Deal people. What is different and what are similar.

2). Read the Hamlet Play: The Adventures of a middle aged man projecting his problems onto everyone.

3). Read "Ghostwritten" to completion and read "Half the Sky" more or less to completion.

4). Write things...
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 In which in the end of March I have:
  • Been accepted to Cal Poly Pomona and San Jose University, both as majoring in Philosophy and possibly other minors? 
  • Written possibly around 20K words worth of fanfiction?? Wow.
  • Have overcome my fear of driving on the freeway and am now an autonomous motorist. 
  • Possibly bombed my Comparative World Religion's midterm.
  • ...Also have neglected reading my textbooks.
  • worst school month ever, really.
  • Have fully embraced my PS Vita lifestyle.
  • A lifestyle reflected by playing a loooot of 
  • Final Fantasy IV and is sequel The After Years.
  • Dissidia 012 
  • Declared the best spin-off to have happened is the storyline of Dissidia 012 and has made me want more continuing adventures/sitcom of Lightning, Tifa, Yuna, Kain, Vaan, and Laguna.
  • Especially if it means more Lightning and Laguna interactions where they are the co-leaders of the team of love and peace. 
  • Have also been watching and enjoying the dub of "Tiger and Bunny." 
  • And suddenly my life is obsessing over Liam O'Brien and his deep sexy crazy voice. 
  • As he portrays Kain Highwind and Yuri Petrov. 
  • And now I shall play Final Fantasy XIII-2 just  so I can finally get to playing the story.
  • And for more Liam o'Brien. 
  • And I impose all my Kain Highwind, Tifa Lockhart, Duodecim and Tiger & Bunny feelings unto my online friends.
  • Who in turn make me read Trigun manga and watch its anime so she can explain her amazing fanart. 
My life is online friends, Liam O'Brien, and Tifa Lockhart.... all made by the sacrifice of schoolwork.

Awesome March...?

And finally: Cadbury Eggs are awesome.

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 Fallon, you just bought most of the Final Fantasy related things on the PSN when it's on the 50% off sale, at least the ones that you didn't already own. But you also have the physical copies of them...? like Tactics and Dissidia games and stuff...? Even the one FF that wasn't on sale?

Look at this life and these choices: I just can't handle the gaps in my digitial media library where it could easily be filled. 

Yer a hoarder, Fallon!
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 But this time I'm getting three AA degrees out of this! English, Philosophy, and Liberal Arts-Humanities. 

Doing lots of stuff that requires the whole transfer shebang, but today is the first day of school- super late, like woah man it's February already?- and I just had an early class with Comparative World Religions and an afternoon class with History of Art- Renaissance to Modern.

My biggest worry was that the World Religions teacher is some bigoted prat, but thankfully he's a swell guy who seems too easily amused with jokes made by other people and by himself. Kinda like a big kid, but his lecture made himself seem broadminded so I felt put at ease. But still, we'll be doing SEVEN RELIGIONS in that class! Starting with the big three Western religions and the final four are the Asian division- he laments the fact that it's basically two classes compiled into one thing in a whole semester so it'll be truncated. Oh well. Still, 8 am classes are a drag. 

Renaissance to Modern art was something that I was prepared to be excited for- because I had in my mind that it'd be like doing film studies only for a non-moving visual media- and it's something that I really like to study on, especially when it's going from Renaissance up to the Modern so it'll cover all those things that made my heart all a-flutter like Romantic period and Impressionistic and Art Deco and so on. But then there will be times when the classes has to do some art? Oh man, I feel unprepared for that. Also, lots of mini field trips around the campus and to things at the art museum- and also one to the Getty museum?? On any other semester I'd be stoked, but I'm doing a class on Friday which is where the Getty museum and other field trips fall on. I get the feeling that Art History would be one of my throwaway classes, but I was hoping for a reason to stay on that would supercede it possibly interfering with another class and also being more work than I was prepared for.

And what the hell, the Art history textbooks would rake me over $200 as used, and also more supplementary stuff for it?? Man, it's looking more unappealing than I want it to be. 
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Finals are over and winter break has started! Crushing ennui has already descended, as well as rain storms over California coasts. 

I felt like I love whatever energetic steam in October, which really sucked because it’s like I’m placing my misgivings over various things on me losing my job. Objectives that had motivated me became a drag, and so it’s like I spent the last half of the school year just half-awake. Probably literally, too, since half the time I would oversleep a bit because not having to work anymore means more time. But I think that things are going to pick up soon, so I’m just going to relax. 

I’ve finished placing my college transfer applications, which would be going to SF State and SJ State, as well as to UCSB, UCSC and UC Irvine. I’m hoping to be accepted into UCSC and to SF State or SJ State, just pretty much anywhere out of my hometown. So what’s left is getting my scholarships down and also to post my fall grades as soon as they are available. What’s especially life-affirming was that I got an A on my Philosopy writing class (whilst a C in a philosophy history class- LO SIENTO MI MAESTRO!). Awaiting the last class to be graded, and I think it’ll be a good one, so I feel hopeful. It’ll be tough to get to that 3.0 GPA the way I’m going, but I think I’m getting there. 

Fannish things that have happened- I really should be finishing my WIPs that I’ve started and then lost steam over. I have, what, one crossover between FFVII and Tales of Symphonia which would be placed in the FFVII-verse. I still have that DA2 long story with Fenris, in which I would be writing about Anders and then Merrill. It’s supposed to follow Act 1 and be world-building, character-centric stuff. I also got 2 Vincent one-shots, one for personal and another because of another user. 

And I’m hoping to finish this by Saturday, which by then would be the family trip to Hong Kong! 
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 Lucy the CorgiLucy the Corgi

So this is Lucy the Corgi, whom my family and I have taken care of for my Aunt and Uncle a week ago. 

Last night she choked on food, which my Aunt successfully got out of its throat, which triggered a seizure and had to be rushed to animal hospital. The seizure caused heart problems, which included a heart murmur, and the surgery that would be required for Lucy would be too much for her body to handle. 

So today was her last day on earth, in which up until now had been peaceful and surrounded by caring and loving family members who made sure that in her old age that she was well-taken care of, illnesses and crippled legs and all. 

She smiled a lot, had smelly breath, and was very comforting to hold. 

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Soooooo, second week of 2012 reexamines the lifestyle of the slovenly college kid: sleep in, wake up late, sleep late, eat late, modding computer games and then figuring out how to not make your computer games crash all the time, and occasionally being productive.

I gotta get out of here.

But starting tomorrow, I will be on campus to finish my work forms that I should have done in December, meet up with my Academic Advisor and then be so productive that I'll be proud of myself! Productiveness includes getting my Driver's permit and relearning how to drive so I can get my license, and reading my textbooks.

Speaking of my textbooks, I'm pretty excited about my Cultural Comparison anthropology class. Judging by what I'll be reading, I'll be comparing Vikings and Japan.

I imagine that it'll be like this:

But not in a specifically Scottish flavor.

I've also saved a lot of money on textbooks this year, as I've spent about $60 for it and for about 4 classes. It's great to occasional save your textbooks that you like, because you never know when you'll repeat your class, eh? EH? (Ugh.....) It also helps that one of my classes doesn't require a textbook and that a lot of things are cheap online.


Dec. 18th, 2011 05:56 pm
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Sunday. A whole of week of non-school activity is gone. Normally it would have been spent agonizing over textbooks and then giving up and then consoling myself over the internet or on games. Now that deadlines are out the window, the possibilities are endless. Will I actually start doing my Super Big Ultra Important Fandom-Shattering Fanfic? Or wallop around in Dragon Age? Actually play the games I bought over the year with money I sort of have? Hook up with friends? Restore old friendships?

Oh vacation time. It was so much more simpler when I was in another country where I don't speak the language. Actually no. It sucks to be mistaken for being some local who knows the language and then flummoxing people when you don't and then hear them berate you for it.

Today I saw my little brother play Vivaldi on the cello with the Youth Virtuosi in the Music and Arts Conservatory, and the talent pool in the strings department there is really impressive considering the age group. I invited my highschool friend to see it with me, and given that he plays violin he was also very impressed over how well the kids played. He says there was no scratchiness at all, and in retrospect I guess that's what I was looking for in young musicians and to hear that there really wasn't showed how they exceeded expectations.

Unlike other times in the past, I haven't really been that excited over meeting up with my old friends in high school. Maybe I grew out of it. Most likely, it's because I don't like to talk about what I've been doing while I know that they're doing Big Things in their colleges and getting ready to get their degrees. It's hard to talk about that when I know that all I've been doing is flailing around. 

I should use this holiday time to prep myself up for the spring.
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This whole week is Crazy Wall Street week. Up and down, between -500 and +400. I think the end result is still -100 than normal.

I just need to mark this as the week when the news makes me more perplexed than usual.

But good news! My brother finally passed his driver's test! Finally, one of us has achieved mobile independence. Next up: me!

Personal news: I recently ordered two 5ml bottles of perfume oils from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. I've been interested in them for a while, and what spurred me to buy something from them is that there was a special limited time order for The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle scent oils around last week. I've ordered the "Last Unicorn" scent and the "Schmendrick" scent. I will now commit to trying to smell nicer than normal.

I met Peter S. Beagle in person in the Exhibition Hall during Anime Expo, and I bought two of his books, one of them being The Last Unicorn and.... something else. This was probably the first time I've ever met a famous author.

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Yesterday was my 21st birthday!

I know that a lot of people make a huge fuss over it; I know this through many parties back when I used to work at the Sushi House. Many Sapporo bottles were opened on those occasions.

I didn't make it that big of a deal. At first I thought it would be great to invite people to either lunch or dinner at the local Elephant Bar. My family celebrated birthdays there, and they have awesome Asian food on their menu. But I decided not to do that, since it means a lot of money has to be spent. So what I did instead was that I bought Funfetti cake mix (YAY, FUNFETTI! SO MUCH NOSTALGIA), strawberry frosting, and learned how to use the brand new oven for the first time since the kitchen got renovated.

My family also unearthed an old, unused mixer that was probably a decade old. It's really, really new, and after watching a lot of food channels, I became a bit inspired as I mixed the cake.

I also managed to use up these mango and almond pudding mixes that were sitting in the pantry for a couple of months, and I bought some soda and chips from the 7/11 down the street. I also ordered some pizza online from a local store instead of something general like a Dominoes' Pizza parlor. Though if the choices were available, I would have been all over Pizza Hut.

So most of the people I invited came and then some: my awesome ex-coworkers were there, my college friends who were still in town were there. The people that didn't make it, I'll eventually see them over the weekend. We bonded over food, fanfiction, video games and Netflix. I got food for my birthday, which is great, and my ex-coworkers bought me beer. Blue Moon and Smirnoff Ice, to be specific. For Netflix, we watched Batman/Superman: Apocalypse, which was all about Supergirl, annnnnnnd..... the film didn't make me like Supergirl any more than I did before in the "Justice League: Unlimited" episodes. I didn't watch enough "Superman: TAS" to have more of an opinion, but oh well. I did like the Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman dynamic, though; Everybody's commentary made watching the whole film hilarious.

The only drama that happened was HOLY CUSTOMER SERVICE-FAIL, BATMAN, where's our pizza?? I called the pizza place, whose front desk sheepishly told me that their fax machine taking care of the online orders was on the fritz, and I confirmed that I still wanted the pizza. Half an hour later, during an intense discussion over Elena of the Turks and the natures of Shin-ra Electric, my friend Krisee noticed that a van was moving back and forth for about 3 minutes. Poor guy, I had to go out of the house to wave him over. I didn't feel too guilty, though, since I already tipped over the online order.

But inside, my friends were discussing over how in the past if a pizza would be more than twenty minutes late, the pie would be free of charge. Since mine was over three hours late (well I also busted out some frozen pizza to bake in the oven earlier, so it wasn't a big deal), a couple of my friends said I should call them to see if I couldn't be charged for it. Krisee, bless her heart, offered to make the call, which I let her without thinking. Her tirade was incredible; one of those passive-aggressive "I didn't want to say this, but...." kind of conversations. Hearing it actually reminded me of my days being at the cash register in the Sushi House.... Ohhhhh, I felt so guilty as she berated the pizza parlor.

But I scored a future free pizza :)

Overall, it was a fun and relaxing party. I got money from my parents and I baked my first cake. Sometime next week, one of my friends will take me to what in IV is called "The Loop" which is to get one glass of booze from each bar along that route. I'll make sure I'm safe when that happens. Also, I'll be seeing more people later before they go to college.

Celebrating with friends was my favorite part of the party.


Jul. 27th, 2011 04:51 pm
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I was happily walking home from work (which constitutes two city bus transfers and a 20 minute walk across an overpass to my neighborhood), thinking blithely about things like "What if I had a twin brother?" and "I wonder how I can incorporate Kung Fu in fanfiction" and "I really can't wait to play my 'Catherine' game 'Love is Over' edition with clothing and art book and soundtrack from Amazon"....

When all of a sudden some average sized dog starts barking and chasing me on the sidewalk, and to my horror it appeared to be an American Pitbull playing its stereotype of being a mean bugger, complete with leaping and growling and short of biting me. Apart from the horrific hindsight that if this had happened on a busy street, I may have been hit by a car all because of avoiding that dog, I was more shocked that a dog had actually appeared vicious to me. And all the owner did was stride quickly across her front lawn, not even calling down the dog, whilst I hurriedly rushed away from it.

Really ruined my daydreams. Anyway, on to important things.

I hereby mark this point of the week so that I can remind myself a few things if I happened to look back at my records:

I got a C from physics, so future-me, stop being a moron and turn in homework.
This is the last week of my 2-year streak as a waitress in a sushi restaurant, so save up money during the fall semester.
On that note, either apply more on schoolwork or find odd-jobs. If nothing else, start paying more attention to the club and the future plans of a Literature club.
I'm going to be 21 on August 9 so drink responsibly and invite some friends to the birthday money.
Better yet, ask for money on birthday. From family, of course. Don't forget to invite extended family. They're the ones that have job connections and may take me to Las Vegas.

Post up pictures and videos from Anime Expo you lazy twit. And finish reading "Yes Man" so that Little Brother can have it back.
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I obtained a Twitter account just lurk around for relevant stuff.

Obtained Google + without much desire to use it to its limits, but probably will gradually.

Obtained discounted 8GB of Memory Duo Pro at half price- makes for a happy, tech-y girl :D

Had a test today and a Final tomorrow.... Gotta hit the books.
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.....No I'm not.

I'm reading Skip Beat, that's what. I can't even muster the effort to write fanfic.

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Will eventually post AX news and photos. And videos.
  • Signed up for FF Megaflare. Yay for fiction challenge! And my first one, at that.
  • Playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope International on the PS3. Finally got the battle system pretty good. Dislike realistic rendering of very obvious anime anatomy and occasional blurbs of somewhat sexist behaviorism despite being in the far future and REALLY GUYS, EVEN IN THE 22ND OR 23RD CENTURY EMBARRASSING GENDER STEREOTYPES? Whatever, Japan.... Moe still goes strong, sadly.
  • Playing through final dungeon of Final Fantasy IV. Then rage-quit after dying without saving.
  • Got a ton of fanart and hung them on my walls. Stood back and watched my handiwork only to become thoroughly creeped out by my room. The eyes... Every time.
  • Will practice for Driver's License test on the 12th. Must have independence in mobility.
  • Reading Skip Beat. Extremely funny. Not often I laugh out loud from manga anymore.
Also, I've watched:

Puella Magi Madoka Magica. So awesome.

Ao no Exorcist, or Blue Exorcist on Crunchyroll. Also another anime that has me laughing in real life.
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Current: In Los Angeles. In Wilshire Grand. Obtained Anime Expo Premier fan badge and concert tickets, had a marvelous frappacino flavored Coconut Creme, and listening to CNN.

Situation: Attending Anime Expo Convention in Los Angeles for the whole 4th of July weekend, and rooming at the Wilshire Grand with two awesome roommates, one who is my awesome ex-coworker and the other his awesome friend who apparently has a colorful life and full of many talents. Among them cosplaying, hair, jewelry-making, and body-guarding.

Plans: Do the summer semester at my City College to finish up my General Education credits. Conceptual Physics 101, whoo! I think I can ask people on Dreamwidth on how to do my homework. I also have an appointment for my Driver's License test in July. I will finally be independent in mobility.

Done: Spring Semester. Things were better than expected. Especially that B in Pre-Calculus. YAY! Not so good on that Philosophy class... Buuuut, this will be my turning point.

I've also turned in my two weeks' notice to my restaurant boss. 2 years have been a long time in one place, and even if there are such awesome co-workers and staff, that boss/owner.... God, all the drama I avoided in high school rears its ugly head for the first time at work. So much tears and injustices....

I will eventually post pictures.
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Today will be the day that I should promise myself a few things. Those things are chiefly what I should do to be more responsible for myself.

I've recently received my midterms back from my American Literature and History of Philosophy classes, and.... they were a wake-up call. I wish I can say that it's because I didn't have enough time to finish them- which is pretty much what happened- but the bottom line was that I didn't study well for the both of them.

School woes )
He knows.... D:

I'm also strongly considering quitting my part-time job as a waitress at the sushi restaurant. Not only do I sometimes feel overworked there and sometimes under-appreciated by customers there, but I think that considering what's happening to me at school, I should perhaps take a break from earning spending-money and really start to work on my academics.
Work Woes )

So! Today, I will promise myself. I have about a whole month (WHAT?! WHAT!) of school left, I will study everyday. That means reading the textbooks for all my classes everyday, actually taking a little bit of notes. I also have a Pre-calculus class, so I will work on that textbook if it kills me.

This will be a changed Fallon. This will be the Academic! Fallon as she was always meant to be.

And fanfiction! I have to get started on that!

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