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Just saw the midnight viewing of X-men: First Class.

Far superior to all other X-men movies. Probably because it has Beast, James McAvoy!Xavier, and young Magneto. And Banshee. And Kevin Bacon.

Yep. Good times.

Saw Thor

May. 31st, 2011 08:39 pm
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Liked the movie. I think there should be more Asgard, less Earth, settings-wise.

Or even more specific: More SHIELD scenes, no Natalie Portman (for the sake of not having a romantic subplot get in the way of the far more superior Shakespearean family dynamics of Norse Gods, not as a dig against Natalie Portman's performance or.... inherent purpose).

And more Tom Hiddleton and Chris Hemsworth brother-times. YES.

And more The Warriors Three scenes.
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Colin Firth won Best Actor, and Tom Hooper won Best Director.

And I jumped around the house like a March Hare when "The King's Speech" won Best Picture.

Can I get a WHAT WHAT!?

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I kind of feel on principle that I shouldn't like this, that I should be indignant more than excited (which I kind of am), but....

I'm kind of looking forward to the remake of "The Karate Kid" (which is rumored to be originally called "The Kung Fu Kid" but turned "Karate" for the Americans).

It does, in many ways, look bad and cliched and totally reinforces the view of a "mystical and exotic" China (although it's set in the backdrop of a totally grungy and dirty "Beijing" [which I quoted because I doubt where scenes are supposed to be in Beijing are probably set in some other town nearby], so I guess that's subverting that trope).


I like Kung Fu. I also like Jackie Chan even after he started making crappy movies as opposed to his awesome "Made in Hong Kong" movies. ALSO, Jayden (Jaden? Am I getting his name right?) Smith was awesome in "The Pursuit of Happyness" and so I do want to support him....

In short, I will see the "Karate Kid." And either weep for my culture or be unexpectedly pleased/amused.

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