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 My two inquisitors for which I'll switch in between: 

Uh.. default name Lavellan. I've actually not gotten many screenshots of DAI. 

But this one I'm somewhat proud of.

Now that's a handsome Kossith with a deep jock voice. And comically lumbering gait. 
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 Not enough fast-travel stations for places, is my opinion. 

One thing that made it really worth it was that the plethor of NPCs really helped livened the place up. Including absolute awesome favorite, Dagna~!  May she and Scout Harding have many an enthusiastic conversation together of many things, and who may completely exhaust Varric with all her blathering about magic and enchantment and how awesome her research is. 

As an appropriate second act, Skyhold is when people are really getting on with their character arcs and started to expand on their backstories and beliefs. Varric and Cassandra got more exciting once they start duking it out, among other plot point things, and the advisors finally got more scenes going on. 

I say "Finally" as though it's been a long time coming or something, but considering how pretty much there aren't any banter happening and if there were they only amount to three sentences, the new cutscenes were a huge welcome. 

It might be to my greatest achievement that I am pretty much done with all of the Hinterlands! All fade rifts done and I got that Druffalo coming along and killed bears... it was most satisfying. But from one wilderness, I moved on to another, and those Dales were really lush. Having a lot of mixed feelings on how this mission showed a lot of evidence of post-exalted march upon the Dales, what with all the Andrastrian statues mingling with the Dalish ones. Alll the humans establishing settlements and camps around, with dialogue going on about all these unknown statues that are totally known to my Elvhen Inquisitor and to Solas (both of whom don't have any banter that I know of yet being said at all when  there). Also that giant mansion just stuck in the wilderness. Oh the blatant pride and boastfulness of humans. 

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 So that thing in Haven was a thing! All the standard Muwahahaha dialogues and frantic saving of a home base. Sadly, I was too late to save some people and so in a replay I'll be sure to get better at it. 

I gotten the Mages' alliance first, so it was all the possesed and crazy templars left and right, like a whole army of Meredith's (except I kinda now started to think it would've been really cool if Meredith was somehow back because at this point in the game I was all nostalgic for DA2) 

The whole time after that debacle, I thought it was a nice atmospheric thing to stumble through a snow storm with all the slowness of an injured and freezing person, even though the pacing was hell for me on my already stuttering computer and the whole time I was thinking why a a mage this person hadn't tried lighting up a floating fireball for warmth. 

No singing, Haven. If you must sing, it must be in indecipheable Gregorian Chant so that it was at least atmospheric? 

Solas just gets more conveniently useful each plot narrative after another. But at least Skyhold is swanky. 
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 I've finished Redcliffe in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and thus far have accumulated probably all companions save for Cole (no doubt he might show up next) and I'm starting to get some definite opinions on my squad though I do acknowledge that everyone is still in the early parts of their story arcs. Also a non-spoiler kind of observation, though I will put in a read-more. 

Read more... )

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 It may not have been a good thing to just keep trucking around the Hinterlands in what I think is me being determined to finish everything in that area before i move on.

Even if it means collecting shards and scrutinizing a barely legible map and slipping on rocks and cliffsides that I thought I could scale. 

I already miss my crappy city in DA2. 

Even the Brecilian Forest wasn't this infuriating. 
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 To think I am actually playing Inquisition now on a comparatively dinky computer with Intel graphics... -far off gaze- 

After many conversations with the War Table people and companions and the collecting of materials and sidequests that are easy to complete close at hand (you know, the usual Bioware game), I've finally gotten into the Hinterlands to get Mother Giselle and probably going to do whatever else sidequest need to get done. 

Which by the by, I've come to the realization that Scout Harding should've been a companion for me to romance because wow I really want Scout Harding to be in my presence (and to complete the list of how many Ali Hillis characters can I have in my game library). 

Bioware strikes again with the ideas that should've been included in the game but aren't. 

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