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1). Plays - I did theater arts stuff since 8th grade, since I really wanted to express myself onstage as an actress. Only my big break came during my senior year in high school, and the stuff in between 8th and 12th were crewbie duties. But that's okay, because I guess unless a bunch of high schools, the theater department people are very integrated. Like, cast and crew are almost seamless. You get some cast people in crew and some crewbies turned traitor and joined the spotlight at one point. Crew people are amazing, especially during all-nighter construction days, when just ONE WEEK before show we have to build and paint EVERYTHING. Good times. Oh, but I got staged as a supporting character in Witness for the Prosecution and participated in the student-run, student-written improv/original scripts Holiday Package, a revue with skits written by students with the HOLIDAY theme in mind (or others, like "Joe the Plumber goes to Washington"), and a male ballet. The occasional hot Senior prancing around in a tutu? Yum.

2). Persona 4- Now don't stone me, Persona fans but... I think I enjoyed Persona 4 better than 3. Seriously, during the first half hour I was like "Wow, I actually like Main Character, since he can do more than just go '...' like a certain someone I know" or "Yosuke's loveable and smart- YAY!" and "Chie rocks my socks (pun?)!" and "I kind of know someone like Yukiko..." and "Durrr Troy Baker! You know you're a great VA when you can do tough guy and effeminate gay man on the same person!" There's seriously no one I don't like in Persona 4 - even the Social links were cool! I think it appealed to me because all the characters in the game seem more well-rounded compared to the more stereotypical Persona 3 people. Like... one might think Yukiko is the "ojo-sama" type, but you know, I think she's more of the bookworm ditz to me, when compared to Mitsuru who's like "I am the Queen- even though my tarot card doesn't exactly fit me (which is what I personally think, anyway)." And Nanako... I want her as my sister!!! And Adachi- I thought I knew you!!! Teddie is awesome and would be popular in America, and the MC is actually MANLY LOOKING and KEWL. So what if the Apocalypse isn't obviously coming down on the world?! I got my homeboys and girlfriends to hang with! (Speaking of which, I like the option of choosing a girlfriend as opposed to "I have no choice but to make her my girlfriend." 'Cause really? Ayane as my (hypothetical) girlfriend? Not to say it's bad, but I have my preferences too (if I think like a guy).

3). I don't really live there. I live in the city right next to it: Goleta. THE GOOD LAND, PEOPLE. Goleta and SB are so close, they may as well be one city. But the difference is, Goleta has the best high school in the whole Santa Barbara County. And has UCSB in its fold. It's kind of complicated, the thought of having UCSB and the Santa Barbara Airport in Goleta and not, *gasp*, Santa Barbara. I don't really know myself, but that's how it is. For a well-known city, SB is really small. Sure, the SB International Film Festival is right there
where Jake Gyllenhaal and Kate Winslet pop up once in a while, and our weather is probably the best in the whole of California, and we have the Harvard of party schools in the town next door, and have Montecito where stars like Oprah and John Cleese make their residence when it's not burned down by a fire, but...

It's small. I wanna leave.

But I love it here... D:

4). Films- My god, I love moviieees. I love the oldies with Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin! I love the technicolor and the widescreen. I heart James Dean as Jim Stark 'cause he gets what I'm sayin, know what I mean?! Dustin Hoffman in the Graduate mentions Santa Barbara! Monty Python are a bunch of LOLZ, films are actually shot around Santa Barbara (not that I've seen them- but you know... Solvang got its bit in Sideways, and don't forget the Graduate). In fact, I know the producers who produced "Teacher Pet" the movie and cartoon series. I know their kid, too. He's like my role model, but I'm that close to him, unfortunately. I love to analyze film, because aside from analyzing books, films opens the windows to different perspectives and cultures, and I'm all for knowing what other people think about other people, be they fictional or biographical. I love animation and hold it up as high as the classics, because I see great potential in the medium (when it's not done crappily- I'm looking at you, Dreamworks! And Disney with the 3D jump the sharkiness).

5). Video Gaes- Napkins, I don't know what Gaes is!  

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So I got Persona 4 AND the artbook/soundtrack. Yay for me!

Unfortunately, my playstation 2 won't allow me to play it. I'm not talking about frozen screens or whatnot. I mean, everytime I thought I got it going, the screen suddenly jumps to the browser screen. And so, whenever I go to the browser screen, I click on the CD icon to get the game running (whenever I'm at the browser screen at least), I'm jumped BACK to hte browser screen.

WTF. Used PS2's are NOT friendly.

But my Eternal Poison game ran well, and it's a new game, too. So why....

It shipped.

Dec. 6th, 2008 03:45 pm
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Oh my god, I just got my email from Amazon that my Persona 4 just shipped.

Oh my god! I can't WAIT to get it in the mail (along with the Expansion pack stuff).  

Just the thing to look forward to after finals.

...Which start next week ;A;
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So, I might as well summarized what's happening over the summer with me.

Since I graduated last month, I've immediately started taking a class at Santa Barbara City College to get a head start on my college years. I took one class, English 100, and then because I couldn't turn in one certain paper, more like I used up my only tardy pass for another and forgot the next one, I officially failed that class.


But, hopefully I could reassess into English 110 and not make the many days of school a waste, which in turn would waste my entire summer. So I hope to pass my English Assessment test. Guess this is a wakeup call for the hard college days ahead.

Also, I've started going to movies more, now that I have spendable money and friends in need to be with. I've seen WALL-E twice, Iron Man, and will soon see Hellboy 2: the Golden Army and Batman: The Dark Knight. Hopefully I'll be with wonderful friends to enjoy them with.

My current obsession is playing Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3: FES. This started because I saw a really good fanart from the anime Persona -trinity soul- and then checked out the video game it was sequeled on, and then discovered that it's actually a good game and then bought it from Amazon and finished it. Isn't it great what one thing can lead to another? I should thank the artist for making that fanart because I believed that if it weren't for her I wouldn't have played an awesome game right now. Now I can't wait for Persona 4 (12/09/08). It'll be great.

I'm thinking of writing fanfiction for Persona 3. I'm really obsessing over Akihiko/Mitsuru. Great characters that I feel belong to each other. And they kind of matched together, too, in terms of looks. If you see a picture of them standing next to each other, I think you'll understand.

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