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Since it has just now come to my attention that a former high school associate of mine is keeping the practice of blogging everyday (this is his day 2) as well as having published a Kids' book for Disney, I have resolved myself to not slack off and improve myself by writing something everyday. On here. Or on my word processor.

What I did for Presidents' Day Weekend:
  • Read philosophy textbook. That Alexander of Aphrodisias really needs to learn how to be brief, but alas, it seems as though you really do need more words to clarify what you mean. 
  • Read other people's blogs. I'm looking up on other people's opinions on "The Walking Dead," "Downton Abbey," and "Project Runway: All Stars." I also read the comments, by extension, and am either educated on things I don't know or seethe in rage silently before going to another webpage to distract myself.
  • Look at videos from "The Nostalgia Chick" and stuff from "That Guy With the Glasses."
  • Catching up on things that the internet likes. And turn my nose at them because they're so established, they're no longer cool.
  • Really shouldn't be on the internet that much because I have two writing assignments due this week. One about Philosophy, and other about "Gomorra" the movie.
  • Emailing my second cousin from China and commiserate over how we envy other people and their achievements.
  • Looking at people's Tumblrs and contemplating whether to join.
  • Playing Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns. It's not that great, but I can't seem to not play it...
  • Hung out with a friend last night at where the college people live and meet. Rebuffed his advice on playing "League of Legends" on the PC.
  • Had to listen to him mug on me on how I don't manage time and that I should play more games. And then fooled around with my iPad.
But I WILL make myself productive. I have... a PLAN.

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Let's see...

I am a night owl, meaning that I do things late at night even though I should do them earlier. Such things are my homework. While my bedtime is usually 1:00 am or a little later, I stayed up till 4:45 am. Not a very good feeling. The reason was that I was having writers' block in writing a very important research paper that's due this morning, and....yeah, that's about it. Sometimes I enjoy AP USH, but really, sometimes my procrastinating nature can bite me in the ass sometimes.

However, I felt surprisingly energetic and coherent today instead of sleeping on my binder most of the day. Intriguing.


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