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Soooooo, second week of 2012 reexamines the lifestyle of the slovenly college kid: sleep in, wake up late, sleep late, eat late, modding computer games and then figuring out how to not make your computer games crash all the time, and occasionally being productive.

I gotta get out of here.

But starting tomorrow, I will be on campus to finish my work forms that I should have done in December, meet up with my Academic Advisor and then be so productive that I'll be proud of myself! Productiveness includes getting my Driver's permit and relearning how to drive so I can get my license, and reading my textbooks.

Speaking of my textbooks, I'm pretty excited about my Cultural Comparison anthropology class. Judging by what I'll be reading, I'll be comparing Vikings and Japan.

I imagine that it'll be like this:

But not in a specifically Scottish flavor.

I've also saved a lot of money on textbooks this year, as I've spent about $60 for it and for about 4 classes. It's great to occasional save your textbooks that you like, because you never know when you'll repeat your class, eh? EH? (Ugh.....) It also helps that one of my classes doesn't require a textbook and that a lot of things are cheap online.

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This whole week is Crazy Wall Street week. Up and down, between -500 and +400. I think the end result is still -100 than normal.

I just need to mark this as the week when the news makes me more perplexed than usual.

But good news! My brother finally passed his driver's test! Finally, one of us has achieved mobile independence. Next up: me!

Personal news: I recently ordered two 5ml bottles of perfume oils from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. I've been interested in them for a while, and what spurred me to buy something from them is that there was a special limited time order for The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle scent oils around last week. I've ordered the "Last Unicorn" scent and the "Schmendrick" scent. I will now commit to trying to smell nicer than normal.

I met Peter S. Beagle in person in the Exhibition Hall during Anime Expo, and I bought two of his books, one of them being The Last Unicorn and.... something else. This was probably the first time I've ever met a famous author.

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