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 Did all my midterms, hopefully of varying success on the side of "B+ to A-" range, and have voted before the polls close. Now it's drawing a straight line to complete an arrow instead of the time-honored "fill in the bubble of your candidate" type of voting age. 

In other personal news, I have reconnected again with guy who works in an app start-up company, and have written an example article for him to show to his boss in case of an interview. Holding out some hope for this one, since for all I know this could be a big break coming up after graduation. 

Or a boondoggle, but hey it's not something I'll lose the most.

I'm starting to get more overwhelmed with the reading, and while I thought that post-midterms mean that I can somewhat move away from the old readings, sometimes I can't help but feel that I'm only catching on by the coattails and not really on a good leg on the race. 

Marathoned all of Sleepy Hollow within the span of two days, which I guess doesn't help my schoolwork situation, but there's something fascinating and cathartic in seeing a show blatantly paint the founding forefathers with a glorifying paintbrush while inserting attributes like how they're not only freemasons, but warlocks and zombies and maybe a demon or maybe an alchemist. 

I also got up to season 6 of Deep Space Nine, and a lot of very dramatic events have happened by then, including very meaningful character development which, in comparison to season one, has been more welcome in comparison to, for example, even TNG or VOY. And of course, some things stay frustratingly the same or is very indicative of the time, but in a lot of ways, DS9 was ahead of its time in themes, especially since it's hard to really properly talk about things like terrorism or occupation or freedom fighting. Reminds me of pre-24 era of tv. Or maybe a lot like it, actually. 

Harrumph, i hadn't thought about it before, but now that I did think about it, it would be fairly annoying to be around fandom once DA: Inquisition comes out. I anticipate only getting it once I have a proper gaming pc or if I decide to damn all my previous save files for my Hawke and Warden and just go for the PS4 which I do want to get for FFXIV, but I bet it will be probably more than half a year before I get either of those. I can't really keep myself out of the cultural osmosis that is the DA fandom to ignore once aggressive interpretation and headcanon-ing and compilation of meta rolls around.

Guess I'll cope by preoccupying myself with learning how to draw, having bought an illustrating program for cheap. Well, I always thought about taking up an artistic hobby, even if it means being the best in drawing geometric shapes with a mouse. 

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 Finished  Star Trek: Voyager. Loved it, including the series finale. 

Starting TNG. 80s hair, man. 
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 As of this Friday, I shalt be turning in a final paper of a 5-week class which would've normally be a nice, normal, 10 week hellish school quarter. It's all good because it's all about Technology in Current Contemporary Philosophy. That means a lot of Heidegger and philosopher-in-focus Italian political philosopher Gianni Vattimo. 

So in the spirit of examining the reality that is that technology is how we measure and view the world and make it a part of our relationship to the world we live in, that is, that technology is what gives the relationship between humans and the world, I started marathoning Star Trek series. 

Finished Voyager after a lengthy beginning during Spring Quarter. 

And now to fill my lost, Voyager heart, I started TNG. 

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