Jan. 11th, 2011 05:42 pm
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49 states expecting snow. The only one that isn't is Florida.

Southern California is too cold. I hates it! Too cold to freak out....

*whines impulsively*

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It always rains on Halloween. Thundering rain, too. Cats and dogs making up a storm of... frightening proportions.
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Are you kidding me???? 100 degree weather?!!!!!!

I've never experienced 100 degrees in Santa Barbara, and the only time I ever felt this blazing inferno beating down my face and exposed skin was in New York city in August 2001! My god, I probably tanned several shades by walking from the East campus to the West campus library.

Speaking of which, thank whatever is Holy for the library because it is gloriously cool with air-conditioning! Thankfully, has predicted that the after today the whole week will cool off significantly, but today is so bad that not even the cool Pacific ocean breeze which is naught but 500 yards away from school right now could assuage the hellish environment that is now.

Tips from the past week: $101
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Next ten days... WET with a break halfway with sun.

I can't believe how much I care about my environment when I have language homework to do and journals to write. 

I'm getting too distracted.
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I know April showers bring May flowers, and that's great since it doesn't May Wildfires, but seriously California?? Does the rain clouds which came from the Pacific Ocean of which the land is conveniently placed next to have to rain on a Sunday? Like before school?

We were having hot weather, man! I was looking forward to wearing shorts and getting some Vitamin D the old-fashioned way, even if it didn't need to be a hot, sunny day to do so.

Instead, it's more days of winter clothing. And a flash flood warning in SANTA BARBARA COUNTY. Pfft, like that'll happen.

However, I'm really proud of myself because I learned from history and decided not to bring an umbrella this morning. It did rain a little bit, which made me go into instant panic over my decision, but in the long run it was worth it because I didn't have to carry around an umbrella all day like a paranoid nerd and was able to enjoy the cold, somewhat sunny/cloudy/ominous day. MUWAHAHAHAHA.

...Then it got ruined back I found out I had online homework to turn in yesterday.

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Central coast news has told me that there was a mini-tornado in one of my town's neighborhoods...

I thought to myself that it would have been more appropriate if it appeared in L. A., specifically Hollywood, but I'm enjoying the rain because I'm still on vacation and not in school yet.

Though I have to trudge on-campus for textbooks.

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