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Tasks for the day:

1). Make history paper comparing the Progressives and the New Deal people. What is different and what are similar.

2). Read the Hamlet Play: The Adventures of a middle aged man projecting his problems onto everyone.

3). Read "Ghostwritten" to completion and read "Half the Sky" more or less to completion.

4). Write things...
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 In which in the end of March I have:
  • Been accepted to Cal Poly Pomona and San Jose University, both as majoring in Philosophy and possibly other minors? 
  • Written possibly around 20K words worth of fanfiction?? Wow.
  • Have overcome my fear of driving on the freeway and am now an autonomous motorist. 
  • Possibly bombed my Comparative World Religion's midterm.
  • ...Also have neglected reading my textbooks.
  • worst school month ever, really.
  • Have fully embraced my PS Vita lifestyle.
  • A lifestyle reflected by playing a loooot of 
  • Final Fantasy IV and is sequel The After Years.
  • Dissidia 012 
  • Declared the best spin-off to have happened is the storyline of Dissidia 012 and has made me want more continuing adventures/sitcom of Lightning, Tifa, Yuna, Kain, Vaan, and Laguna.
  • Especially if it means more Lightning and Laguna interactions where they are the co-leaders of the team of love and peace. 
  • Have also been watching and enjoying the dub of "Tiger and Bunny." 
  • And suddenly my life is obsessing over Liam O'Brien and his deep sexy crazy voice. 
  • As he portrays Kain Highwind and Yuri Petrov. 
  • And now I shall play Final Fantasy XIII-2 just  so I can finally get to playing the story.
  • And for more Liam o'Brien. 
  • And I impose all my Kain Highwind, Tifa Lockhart, Duodecim and Tiger & Bunny feelings unto my online friends.
  • Who in turn make me read Trigun manga and watch its anime so she can explain her amazing fanart. 
My life is online friends, Liam O'Brien, and Tifa Lockhart.... all made by the sacrifice of schoolwork.

Awesome March...?

And finally: Cadbury Eggs are awesome.

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 I have to stop this habit into making internal debates in my head, especially if they’re angry ones. 

But what can be boiled down to is that I don’t agree anymore with “strong” or “weak”  as descriptors for a character’s role in the story. Then again, I haven’t done much study into literature or in the written word as of late, so I can’t really say that I’ve made conclusions on them since my foundations are currently shaky. It has this kind of implication that a “weak” character is somehow lesser than a strong one, and I dunno, I mean as long as that character contributes well to the story to help guide whoever’s involved then I’m satisfied. It’s like saying one character is dynamic and the other is static when it’s talking character growth, but I’ve seen some people go on about how it’s all about character growth when there are numerous examples of very interesting static characters. 

It’s about 2 AM here in China, on vacation, and I think it ought to just be boiled down to “good writing” and “bad writing,” and even badly written characters can be dynamic and complex and strong/weak but I just don’t like how it’s delivered.

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Since it has just now come to my attention that a former high school associate of mine is keeping the practice of blogging everyday (this is his day 2) as well as having published a Kids' book for Disney, I have resolved myself to not slack off and improve myself by writing something everyday. On here. Or on my word processor.

What I did for Presidents' Day Weekend:
  • Read philosophy textbook. That Alexander of Aphrodisias really needs to learn how to be brief, but alas, it seems as though you really do need more words to clarify what you mean. 
  • Read other people's blogs. I'm looking up on other people's opinions on "The Walking Dead," "Downton Abbey," and "Project Runway: All Stars." I also read the comments, by extension, and am either educated on things I don't know or seethe in rage silently before going to another webpage to distract myself.
  • Look at videos from "The Nostalgia Chick" and stuff from "That Guy With the Glasses."
  • Catching up on things that the internet likes. And turn my nose at them because they're so established, they're no longer cool.
  • Really shouldn't be on the internet that much because I have two writing assignments due this week. One about Philosophy, and other about "Gomorra" the movie.
  • Emailing my second cousin from China and commiserate over how we envy other people and their achievements.
  • Looking at people's Tumblrs and contemplating whether to join.
  • Playing Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns. It's not that great, but I can't seem to not play it...
  • Hung out with a friend last night at where the college people live and meet. Rebuffed his advice on playing "League of Legends" on the PC.
  • Had to listen to him mug on me on how I don't manage time and that I should play more games. And then fooled around with my iPad.
But I WILL make myself productive. I have... a PLAN.

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So I've migrated from Livejournal to Dreamwidth.

I suppose it's mostly because I don't like how things are getting more facebook-friendly nowadays, and having an option to cross-post my journal to my facebook was a little much for me. Oh, I know it's an option that I don't have to use, but it's probably because I'm a bit tired of seeing facebook everywhere, and hopefully Dreamwidth won't do that for the time being. And besides, I think that I like being in a community that seems fresh and new. Like seeing the possibilities of a clean slate, and also the dangers of one and inhibited it can be. Very exciting.

I think I'll commemorate this journal with something significant that had happened in my life: I've finally gotten my driver's permit from the DMV. Having just barely passed the exam, I'm now ready to practice driving a car! I already practiced driving in a straight line in the parking lot with my dad, but I now see that I have a long way to go and I'm pretty excited by the possibilities of finally gaining greater mobility. But I guess I shouldn't give up on the public transportation system quite soon, though.

Hobbies-wise, I've gotten back to reading for pleasure, which is something that I haven't actually done for a long time. What prompted me was that I was trying to write some fan fiction involving Vincent Valentine and Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII and what I usually do is that I would write it all down by hand and then eventually transfer it to the computer. Well, after doing the first chapter, I came up to the point when I began to feel that the story isn't really going anywhere and I felt limited by my writing abilities. So for a time I'll be going back to my old mentors in writing: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, some writing non-fiction books, and Tolstoy. Pretty old-fashioned sort of people, I know, but they are just a couple of the many masters in writing and I hope to be inspired and instructed by them through their words.

Tips: $39

Note to self: get my mood icons back

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