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 The time that I thought it was a good idea to dump my winter coats back home when I went back for spring break was the time I rue this week.

I asked for actual NorCal weather, so I shouldn't complain about sporadic heavy rain, so my one solace is that I have proper bootware. 

Anyway, another quarter gone, and a new one beings. Spring Quarter might look less stressful for me, having all of my classes just dumped on Tuesdays and Thursdays with accompanying sections on Wednesday. Work also looks better for me, scheduling wise, and I might actually save more money for upcoming Fanime and for saving up until when I get Financial Aid. Hopefully. I mean, the fafsa says I qualify for pell grants. Ugh. 

Last quarter, I didn't do as hot as I did during the Fall, which spurs me on to do better in Spring. Not bad grades, but still, man I saw .2 points go down. 

I finished Bravely Default and am taking a break on the new game plus (ugh, this game just slays me), and I've started Lightning Returns during Spring Break but went back to school before I actually did any meaningful main story progression. That game is a lot of fun, I'm really happy while playing it, and the side quests really open up Lightning's character in a more positive way than meta thrown my way through the accompanying novels or appearances from XIII-2 or Dissidia 012.  I really think that LR is what XIII was going to be conceived as but got nerfed until now because of the usual things happening in a development like XIII (which I think SE will never do again, hopefully), and gameplay wise it's amazingly engaging. 

Fucking costumes, though. Some costumes I'm like "How can anything be so bad as to make everything in X and X-2 look better? How can clothing in LR at times make FFX NPC-wear more wearable?" and then I remember LR got designed by Tetsuya Nomura so it's not that surprising (as a FFX and X-2 and LR costume designer) but I still remember when XIII people really look good. Preferably the ones designed by other artists. 

Sadly, I have no PS3 to abscond my game to my dorm under the wily eyes of my parents. I still long for it. I make do with my Vita, which I did abscond, and am saving some spending money for Dangan Ronpa and FFX/X-2 Vita games. 

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 So a couple of nights ago, I totally just completed Bravely Default. Now I'm doing new game plus with Japanese audio. 

Ringabel totally sounds different with that deep as hell voice by his seiyuu. However, it's not as though he's any less poetic, by my meager comprehension of Japanese speech patterns. I like that Agnes' seiyuu has that muted grace, though I like both seiyuu and English VA equally. 

Tiz and Edea remain adorable and earnest like the cuties they are. 

It's somewhat disconcerting to know that Black Mage Ominas Crowe, instead of a stammering problem, is using boyish pronouns like "boku" to show.... i guess to denote how immature he is even though he's an old man? I guess that it's supposed to indicate something very unsettling from him in this context, which might also include what the English localization decided to denote via a stammering problem, though it's not exactly similarly analogous when tryign to get the meaning across. The difference between the localization and what it was originally, I mean. 

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 Bravely Default status: 

Chapter 8 and grinding for the ultimate showdown (and ultimate boss fight). 

When I first played this game, I didn't think I would go from "Ohhhh the feeels and trauma~" to "OH. OKAY THEN." 

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