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 Been doing all right so far at the ophthalmologist clinic, and hopefully it won't take me too long to get trained up to speed so that I can do more for patients, even though that idea makes me really nervous. Handling insurance was nerve-wracking enough, but doing part of the medical procedure makes me want to just resign myself to a life of dish-washing instead :P The staff is really nice, though! And today at my eye exam, they told me that they want me to work more days there, so my current 16 hours a week would go up to 24 or even 32. At being slightly above minimum wage, this sounds way awesome for me. 

I'm also trying to actually do coursera online courses, starting with an Intro to Logic course offered by Stanford University so I can brush up on my logic knowledge, and a Ruby course offered by John Hopkins where hopefully I can get a better handle on what coding and programming actually without having to just use guidelines all the time. Also signed up for a History of Philosophy course, focusing on when the transition between Modern and Postmodern happens. It'd be nice to get back into reading dead old people, like Kant, but also getting some online lectures about Marx and Rousseau would be really great to do, too. 

Soon, i'll get back on track to becoming an academic again.

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 Man, i didn't realize that coding means i have to actually write out my own function and not just repeat the rules and commonly used functions. I underestimated the difference between programming and what i only know in stuff like web design. 
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 Finally pushed through my previous setback about coding strings not working in Ruby. And slightly more recently I had anther setback in that the website that lets me have an online Ruby work space was temporarily borked and I just languished in not seeing anything I write in the coding run. 

In other more exciting news, I finished the entire 65 episodes of murder mystery/romance/family drama Gran Hotel on Netflix, and boy was that a ride. So engaging all throughout. Almost everyone is the cause of their own misfortune but even terrible people are sympathetic and resourceful in the depth of their efforts and emotional fortitude. 

And now I'm starting Twin Peaks :D. I got interested in it because a fan artist I like on Tumblr who draws a lot of Persona art references it a lot, and apparently learned from her that Twin Peaks was super popular in Japan and may have influenced the Persona series. And I think that's a fair judgment! It's really really.... really really weird 90s show. 

The hammy acting and very striking sets are excellent in Twin Peaks! However, what I cannot absolutely abide by is the font used during the credits. I mean, neon green bubble text? "Goosebumps" much??

Also, my dad got me a job at the Optometrist clinic near my home where he got freelance work as their IT guy, working in their office and trying to see if I'm a good fit there. On the one hand, I'm just like "no, parents, nepotism is annoying and I am independent and stop nagging me" and on the other it's like "whoa, nepotism pays off." 
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 Sent in my application to AppAcademy since it seemed to work for one my of erstwhile friends/former co-worker/deluded by the profits of UC diploma in STEM. So I got a reply and sent me an assignment to practice on for me to turn in as part of the application process. It has no due date and I got instructions on how to code in Ruby, so I'm pretty psyched about it. 

Am doing it right now, following their instructions to the T, and what does Ruby do to me? 

The string does not work. 

NOOOOOOO, the coding frustrations are upon me! What is wrong with the code I put in?! 

The joys of programming are upon me already :D 

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