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 It's year of the Horse, which is my year and so I am filled with ritualistic joy ^^

It's also February, which means a great many creative things to do, such as the Femmeslash February and FF Kiss Battle which I feel like I ought to participate in both. 

....which means I have to scrounge up some extra brain cells to rub together when I'm not pre-occupied with prepping for Ancient Chinese Lit Midterm and Sartre Midterm on Being and Nothingness. I might be in the minority of my classmates to like Sartre, whom I prefer a bit more over Heidegger, but I am pretty excited to move onto Simone de Beauvoir next week.

I went to San Francisco to see what Chinatown was doing for Chinese New Year last saturday, and then met up with a high school bud who lives in Oakland while attending UC Berkeley, with whom I spent the night after a half day in SF and going on the Bart to Oakland. There were some impromptu contortionists on the Bart while going over there who did routines while on music and asked to check to out on the next America's Got Talent auditions. Neat stuff. 

And for a last bit of thing for tonight for my first post in a long time, I had not known until tonight that there was a memory minigame in FFII while on the snowcraft. It gives money and potions when doing somewhat well enough. I am never poorer from lack of either ever in this game now. 
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 Nothing like doing a quick writing assignment (and by quick, I mean "finish it in 1 hour when it's due") to make me finish my weekly reading for a class.

now I want to write a dialogue between Kain and Edge about piety (damn you Euthyphro!!). Wait, but  I think this makes Edge to be the Socrates in this philosophical lesson... 

Also, what kind of example was Socrates making with using this kid, who doesn't know much about math, and asking loaded questions so the kid can agree because it sounds agreeable. 

I've also become an older person; I am exhausted by 9 pm nowadays. 

Nooooooo only my dad starts nodding off at that time....

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