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Nov. 20th, 2015 12:19 am
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 So I went and dropped some money on something I've been thinking about obtaining for a while, and so now I signed up for a 120-hour TEFL online program to get certified. This came after getting an interview for teaching English abroad, and I realized that if I really want to distinguished myself from other applicants (and especially ones whose superficial qualifications would get their foot in the door with greater oomph than me), getting certified would definitely help. 

As well as bolstering my resume in other teaching applications too. 

What i sometimes don't get is what the outrageous price differences are if I chose to sign up for TEFL through like University of Toronto and whatnot, but sometimes I gotta bite the bullet and just try out this non-scammy looking website since many English programs in non-English speaking countries allow some pretty sketchy candidates anyway. 
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 And got called back for an immediate hire! :DDD

I applied for the Bay Area Americorps (BAYAC) and was called back for trying to get me working as an immediate hire after Thanksgiving. On the one hand, yaaaay I am wanted and qualified and will be trained and certified!

On the other: where the hell am I going to live in the Bay Area and how soon am I getting that housing and it costs HOW MUCH???

Alas, President Bill Clinton; should've had your organization adjusted for inflation and rising standards of living (in California). And gentrifying hipsters! 

Ideally, I have no preference on where in the Bay Area that they will assign me so that my potential job pool is wider. However, Redwood City is expensive and so is Palo Alto and the rest of the Peninsula like how dare you upper middle class technologists. On the other hand, East Bay is cheaper and I am very amenable to an Oakland or Berkeley experience. Then again, there's a loooot of cities that i never realized existed outside of big name cities, so for all I know, I might be far away from the ocean. 

edit: suppose I Airbnb it??? Shall I contribute to the ongoing service of a sketchy faux-hotel service???
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 Tomorrow, I have an interview for being an undergraduate adviser at UCSB for the Asian American Studies department. Super nervous because it means that the department chair and manager will be there to ask me questions, and so i'm looking online for advise on how to respond to commonly asked questions and what to ask at the end of the interview. 

Also, I knew that the reason I got the chance for the interview was because my mom knew the manager and that as I'm one of three potential candidates, it's probably why I got the thing. A lot of conflicted feelings about this, but I guess this is about as close as I can get to getting an interview for a super real job. 

Still stewing over office job at eye place. I'm feeling a lot of things about that, mainly the "it's not my fault" and "I didn't do anything that would justify getting let go but WHATEVER I GUESS." Intense feelings of disavowment. 

However, I think i passed the CBEST test! At the very least, two of the three subject tests are above the minimum required score to pass, so I'm hoping my writing skills are good enough. It's just like doing a standardized test in high school. But seeing as its been a long time since I've done that, I'm feeling a little salty that my scores aren't high enough.

Feeling dumber than I was when I was in high school, sobs. 
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 Gonna take the CBEST test tomorrow (or technically later today), and hope that I score high enough to get on that road for teacher certification. Or substitute teacher certification, at least. I've been practicing the practice tests tho, and while I think I can do reasonably well for the math portion on the first try (which I did on the practice), reading and writing probably won't be a problem for me. If I can write giant blurbs for short writing portions in college apps, it's in the bag! 

...maybe i should get into actually studying for GREs. 

But the most recent good revelation of my life is that i binge-watched all of Aziz Ansari's "Master of None" last night on Netflix, and it is so on point. Everything good about the upper middle class millennial rom-com series, with some kinda obvious call-backs to his comedy schtick in Madison Square Garden, but it's told in a much more thoughtful and less ass-holey kinda way. 

Man, if the highlight of my life is a show in Netflix, life is already nesting for me. 

And I might've lost my job at the eye place, but it's kinda more good riddance for me. But it was an intense source of angst for a short period of time around Halloween. 

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