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 Selphie's Garden party concert thing- which held rather nicely at the Mayor's house in Fisherman's Horizon like can you believe how well the sound must have traveled through with all those panels reflecting up?- turns out to be a great transition point for Squall from ordinary graduated SeeD to new commander of Garden. 

Cid Kramer seems to find it fitting to make Quistis, Xu and Nida as part of this committee, and so I wonder what curricula these kids, who are within their 18-20 year age range I betcha, have prepared them to take that kind of helm. I'm wondering if Cid is actually a very lax headmaster, as he seems to make himself seem so when going up against NORG, and he left all school stuff with the creepy hat people in faceless robes and to the students themselves. 

I got the music more or less right, as I managed to have the positive dialogue choice for Rinoa towards Squall. If you don't, then it just leaves with the two of them illuminating Squall's difficulties and his insecurities. But if you get it right, you are on the path for Squall to go into further understanding with Rinoa and vice versa. I don't think that the latter is "more right" than the former just because you get more positive dialogue, though I do believe that it is personally, because when I compare both dialogues the "wrong music choice" didn't really make it for Squall to be less open to Rinoa rather than "I really do have a lot of problems and tonight isn't going to be that night for it to be fixed." 

I compare it to FFVII's rather contrived "dialogue choices" for Aerith and Tifa, in which I think speaks more of Cloud's fractured personality than it does for "which girl he prefers more" thing. Since it's not as though Squall is having identity issues on the level of Cloud's dealio, this feels more like "which is the direction that makes Squall less obstinate or more obstinate and thus making him realize his immaturity in different ways." 

And so the garden festival is this transition in which Rinoa helps him process through the reality that he's handling a lot more responsibility than he's used to, and she would probably relate because she helped a grassroots resistance force herself and she went through a lot of risky missions in order to make them all succeed on the fly. And whether the music helped the mood or not, I get the feeling from both dialogue sets that Squall has steeled himself to that level of commitment anyway, either through positive or negative reinforcement. 

Of course, this also sets up the relationship between Rinoa, in which she mirrors their first meeting on the ballroom floor when Squall made his first milestone as a person by graduating into SeeD. This is yet again one of those paradigm shift things which set both characters in motion, but in comparison to their first meeting, this feels more like Rinoa and Squall are finally actually getting to know one another beyond being opposite dance partners. 

I should get a move on if I want to get to Disc 3 and finally 4. 

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I think one of my favorite sequences in Disc 2 was the Galbadia prison jail break. You get to see Zell take up action, and this guy is super energetic so I feel pumped for him. Also, we get see what Ward was doing, which was being bored out of his mind and doing janitorial work in aforementioned prison...coincidentally. Well, I guess there's only one prison for political dissidents in Galbadia, so it's not so coincidentally randomized.

I like that Quistis and all the other people are just giving Zell BIG HINTS on what to do next and how to jailbreak. Such as Rinoa being like "....anything looking familiar, Zell?


Cut for D-District Prison comments, Squall and Seifer comments, and Rinoa comments. And blowing up missile bases. 

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Have you ever played this game before? If so, what versions?

ONCE UPON A TIME, THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL WHO WORE RED AND HAD FLAAAAAMING EYEBROWS      had this friend back in elementary school who was her first gamer friend boy, and he would come over to her house to show his game stash on her Playstation.

Thankfully, he wasn't an asshole in retrospect, and that it was a good introduction for me into video games. AND THAT VIDEO GAME WAS FINAL FANTASY 8.

How I oooh-ed and ahhhh-ed at the game (I think I was in fifth grade, so that's 2000, and so it's pretty much a "new" game in that time), and I think it was the shit. I thought everyone in it was so cool and so amazing, and that I couldn't wait to one day own it and play it out. And I loved it. I eventually owned it in, what, four or five years later? When I saved up money and there was KB Toy Store and GameStop? Yeah, I totally went and hunted for old Final Fantasy games. I was gonna be cool  and totally like, catch up with the big kids about it. So I played FF8 on my own on my Playstation in the middle of junior high school and up to high school when I got my own PS2. I never beaten it, though. The closest I got was at Disc 4 at Ultimecia's castle. Then I went to play different games.

In short, FF8 was my first FF introduction ever, and I loved everybody in it and still do. It is my nostalgia candy.          
What version are you playing this time?

PSN version where I can play it on my Vita. I was playing it recently before thinking of committing to a Moogle U-esque playthrough, where I got to Disc 2, so I'm thinking of power running through Disc 1 so that I don't feel like cheating on the month to get to my most recent save file. Just need to, uh, resist the urge to get a whole bunch of magic drawing. That was addictive. THIS WAS PART OF WHY I ENJOYED IT WHEN I WAS LITTLE. I LIKE COLLECTING THINGS, IT FULFILLED THAT CHILD URGE TO COLLECT.
Do you have a fannish history with this game? If so, what?

First FF game to play and was introduced to, first one to get me into Fanfiction reading (well, probably not. The very first fandom was "X-men: Evolution"). And first what amounts to an OTP with Squall and Rinoa. 

What are your expectations for this playthrough? (Things you've heard from other fans you want to look for, things you want to prove/disprove, etc.)

To actually beat the game, :P. Also to reaffirm that everybody in this game is interesting, with all their flaws and misgivings, and that I shan't spiral down the usual collective of people who found some misgivings with the game. 

Nostalgia goggles are onnnnnnn. 

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