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I immigrated from Livejournal due to how the changing policies have started to become so noticeable as to attract my notice, of I'm admittedly more or less blase about the whole social networking thing, and so I turn to here so that I can continue doing what I do most: writing a journal and being in focus communities that cater to my interests. It's simple here and I like that.

I'm a college student at a community college, and I hope to transfer within a couple of years to a 4-year college with a Philosophy major. In the process, I hope to at least gain an AA or two in more practical fields like computer science and web design so that I'll at least have something useful for my job resume. My interests are as listed in where the "interests" section is, so if anyone would like to drop me a line to fangirl or fanboy over whatever these are, you're more than welcome to. I would like a small introduction to yourself as an equivalent exchange to mine.
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