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 Got a new laptop for my future attendance to UCSC. Also, because my old laptop is three years old and is starting to leech its battery life (a new battery that's supposed to be 6 hours is now at around 1 hour at least. Sheesh! And it's super hot to hold, damn fan probably needs a change). It's a sleekbook touchscreen HP laptop with Windows 8 and all sorts of better capabilities compared to my HP Pavilion, but man Windows 8 is something new to adjust to. 

Mouse pad has this weird shortcut thing where it seems like if I move my finger a certain way it'd move to a different app/program like switching windows. It's pretty annoying. Guess I'll multitask by poking my touchscreen a bit more. Gonna have to get used to the idea of using tablet-like features on a laptop. 

Also getting used to the different keyboard format. Ah well. 

In other life news: 
  • no summer job to keep myself busy.
  • But there's running and swimming to keep me active, at least. 
  • mailed the check for my summer orientation at UCSC. Thinking of the money spent for the orientation for SJSU makes a part of me hurt inside, since I'm all committed to UCSC. Maaan, though, I feel like I should go to SJSUs orientation anyway, as a just in case measure. Mmmmmnnnrgh.
  • Most of my usual internet friends (on Skype) have now dedicated themselves to Trigun rp-ing on tumblr. 
  • I, myself, have given to a Kain RP blog that is super fun and fulfills a different level of fan interaction with other FF rp-ers. 
  • In which I've made Kain interact a lot with Gau and Bartz, alongside a Cecil, Rosa and Rydia rp-ers. The last three are also Italians, so that's a different time zone to adjust in.
  • Oh yeah, and I stay up all night nowadays.
Is this the real life...? 

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The UCSB commencement happened over the past weekend, and the monday following after is the first day of Summer Semester for SBCC students. Traffic was horrible going southbound on the 101, due to the families on the road, but I earned more than $150 in tips over the weekend, so that was great.

Although the first day of school was also my fifth day in the row at the sushi restaurant. Made me want to change jobs. Ah well.

The best part of doing online classes is that i can arrange my own schedule. I can wake up at 3 pm and not worry about catching the bus or lying back down in bed in defeat knowing that I missed my class.

Now assignments are due every Sunday and so far all I had to know were the tools in Dreamweaver (the sad part of having the program downloaded and not bought was that I couldn't register it and get updates for it. Or something. Well, these sort of things always made me uncomfortable). Sadly I also have to have Photoshop installed so as some of my assignments need it.. Apparently. Man, more downloading.

Summer time is also the time for movies, and I've restarted my Netflix account, and now I'll get movies one dvd at a time. Really, I wanted to get movies like "The Last Unicorn" or "The Rats of NIMH" for the nostalgia value. But, now I have to watch "Julie and Julia" with my mom because my parents are disgusted at how nostalgic I am for my childhood. It's not a bad movie, but I'm the kind of person who watches "Star TreK" twice in the theater and who would save money to buy models of hot video game characters who dress in red.

Last week we watched "It Complicated." I don't want to see Meryl Streep for a long time.

I was also planning to be in an Online Spanish class, but because of that damn online learning website QUIA and the fact that I lost the damn book key that I had activated my Spanish book for my 101 class, I pretty much would have to reduce to buying the Spanish textbook AGAIN for the code, or pay 100 bucks to QUIA for the code.

So I dropped that. If it comes down to it, I'll have to convince myself that I can learn Spanish by myself. Alongside practicing my Chinese and relearning Japanese. Yeah....

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