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Sep. 22nd, 2017 12:05 am
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So I kind of blew through the rest of TAZ, including all the freely available live shows except the one that posted today (but not the two Flophouse episodes). I am probably not sucked in enough to shell out the five bucks a month to get at the bonus content -- paying for one D&D show seems to be my limit -- but who knows. From Crystal Kingdom right through the end, the story and characters grabbed me in their teeth and refused to let me go, and I found it one of my more satisfying listening experiences in awhile.

I have a lot to say, but most all of it is spoilers. I am VERY glad that I was not at all spoiled for the main story arc, because watching it all unfold for the players as well as myself was a huge aspect of my enjoyment. So putting a spoiler cut here.

Spoilers through the finale. )

It'll be interesting to see how things change when they start playing their new games next month. I expect that I'll enjoy whatever the Critical Role gang gets up to next, in large part because I've already seen them do other things with their various one-shots, so I feel confident that my attachment is as much to the players (and especially the DM) as to the specific team of Vox Machina. I haven't gotten the opportunity to know the McElroys quite as well yet, so I'm not sure whether the changes will take with me, especially if someone else is GMing. But I'll certainly stick with it, at least for now. I look forward to discovering what direction the boys go.


Sep. 18th, 2017 08:57 pm
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 Still one more day to get entries from last week's prompt in! In the meantime, let's move on.

This week's prompt is #35 - Revenge

Is revenge truly a dish best served cold or will an eye for an eye make the whole world blind? Either way, this week is all about revenge.

Does Tifa want revenge for what happened at Nibelheim? Will Cloud demand revenge on Sephiroth for killing Aeris?  Is Rufus plotting revenge on those that instigated the terrorist attacks on the reactor? Would Vincent seek revenge for injustices he endured? 

This week plot revenge, but do it in just 100 words!

Silly Mod:
And as food for thought, here is a Calvin and Hobbes quote on revenge: “Well, remember what you said, because in a day or two, I'll have a witty and blistering retort! You'll be devastated THEN!”
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There's a lot of fandom cross-pollination between Critical Role and The Adventure Zone, which makes a lot of sense -- they're both story-focused Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, a family of nerds playing their beloved games and sharing them with an audience -- but despite my love for CR, I'd been a bit reluctant to dive in to TAZ. But then I learned that the current campaign would be wrapping up soon (I understand it's recently done so), and I decided to give it a shot. I'd been listening to it every now and again as I had time, but it didn't suck me in as completely as Critical Role did... and then I reached The Eleventh Hour, which is the fifth main story arc. I'd noticed the GM's storytelling and the players' character work improving over time, but everything took a serious level up in the previous arc (The Crystal Kingdom), and early in The Eleventh Hour everything solidified, pulling me into the story to the point that I'm now dying to know what happens next.

It used to be that I never wrote fic for a canon that I hadn't finished, but anyone who knows me and my relationship kinks (specifically, separation and reunion) will probably not be surprised that I was taken by the urge to write about one particular scene. Cut for spoilers. )

I'm sure this moment has been ficced a thousand times, but I learned my lesson about looking for fic when I'm behind on a canon from Dragon Age. ;) So for now I'll just present my own quick take on the scene; maybe once I've finished the Balance storyline I'll revisit it with the full knowledge of anything relevant that happens later. Note, I'm still early in the arc that follows Eleventh Hour (The Suffering Game; I've only listened to the first episode) so please no spoilers for anything later in comments.

Title: Magnus Knows
Fandom: The Aventure Zone
Rating: All audiences
Wordcount: 735
Characters: Magnus, the Chalice, Magnus/Julia
Spoilers: Yes, through Ep. 48 (The Eleventh Hour, Chapter 8)
Notes: See above :)

Magnus knows. )

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Sep. 16th, 2017 02:40 am
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i bought a giant heatpack-filled-with-herbs-and-wondrousness from Origins and it's over my shoulders and mmm i can't wait for winter

Do You Recall the ....

Sep. 13th, 2017 09:35 pm
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"Remember the Eye Color War?" Prompto's question nearly startled Noctis who was in the middle of eating and sputtered around his chopstick. "Wha-?"

"Yeah! Oh come on-"

Noctis laughed with a chopstick in his mouth. He sputtered a moment and then swallowed. "Final Fantasy Seven! Zack, right?"

Prompto nodded, though this time his mouth was full of dinner.

"Geeze, that was so serious." Noctis laughed. "Worse than anything Assassin's Creed did."

"There was that ONE-"

"Yeah, that one! I wonder what they're doing now?"

The conversation drifted to a pause after dinner and lasted until bed time. They both flopped down and looked at their phones. "Noct, you up?"


Prompto flopped over Noct's shoulder and held his phone up so they could both see it. "Dude, this person is still going."

"No way!?" But there was no mistaking the seven scrolls long manifesto on an age-old fandom war. They laughed and continued to scroll. Noctis' free hand slid up under Prompto's boxers.

"H-hey?" Prompto squeaked. He squirmed slightly under Noctis' hand. Noctis trailed his hand around Prompto's backside gently before he groped one cheek and pulled.

Prompto made a sound that was somehow aroused, confused, shocked, and so sexy all at the same time. "I'm gonna-ah... drop my phone."

Noctis rolled over to the side and slid his other hand down to push down the front of Prompto's boxers. He rocked forward and they both slid up to their knees. Noctis leaned forward and licked up the side of Prompto's neck. He then nipped gently. Prompto's arms went around his shoulder and Noctis kissed him. "Get a new phone."

Prompto snicked against Noctis' lips. "You. Know, I -" another kiss "I have been meaning to upgrade anyway." The phone made a soft clacking sound that was lost under Noctis' boxers. Prompto rocked to lay backwards and pull Noctis with him.

Noctis let go of Prompto and stopped them from laying down with his hands on Prompto's shoulders. He chuckled into Prompto's hair. "What's the rush"

"You started it." Prompto squirmed to try to break Noct's grip. However, Noctis kept distracting him with his mouth. Prompto leaned forward and met Noctis' possessive mouth equally. Noctis' grip loosened, distracted. It was then that Prompto pulled his hands free and tickled Noctis.

Noctis laughed and pitched backwards. Prompto straddled Noctis on his way out of his boxers. His length ran against Noctis' As he slid up Noctis' body Prompto adjusted and then kissed him. Then Prompto's hand slid between Noct's thighs. "I win."


Prompto purred. "sure." He closed his hand loosely around Noct's cock and slid up and down his length.

Noctis laughed and grabbed Prompto by the hair and kissed him. "Loser." He kissed again, deeper and his hand slid to the back of Prompto's neck. "Damn I love you." He bucked his hips with the extra attention.

Prompto kissed Noctis and let go just long enough to pull the lubricant off of the dresser. "I didn't hear that?"

"You heard me."

Prompto kissed Noctis. "Say it again?"


Sep. 12th, 2017 10:24 pm
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mental health explodes but your boss assures you a many-thousand-dollar raise is coming if you can but HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT(S)


Sep. 12th, 2017 10:45 pm
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Ahahaha. Boy, yesterday sure was Monday, wasn't it? :D This week's prompt will run until next Tuesday, as it did the last time your mod was a chocobohead.

This week's prompt is #34 - First Word, Last Word

Words telling a story come in many shapes and sizes, falling in whatever rhythm best suits the tale. Repetition, whether to drive home a point or show its opposite, is a literary tradition in its own right - and this week, we want you to play with it. ("It" being repetition, you silly 12-year-olds! Stop that right now!)

For this challenge, the point is simply this: your story must begin and end with the same word. Whether it's a character waxing poetic or delivering a dire warning, stumbling over a declaration of love or repeating an order at the drive-thru, find a way to begin and end on the same note.

But do it in just 100 words.  :3 

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