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Been feeling a bit burned out from having an unhealthy sleeping schedule, and from recent college stress which had luckily resolved itself so that I’ll be going to where I wanted to be in September; as well as from trying to cope with that stress with plugging into various media stuff like gaming on various consoles (ahhh the life of an unemployed student who lives in a tourist town that need people with commitment and not going to school in a month and a half). 
So feeling that spotty feeling of getting easily distracted and easily bored with almost everything. I’m in the practice of getting back to reading for pleasure, which I’m starting with The Mists of Avalon, and reducing my time online (which would also mean stemming my time on RP-ing in my other account), and see if I could get back into writing more for myself and also reading for myself. 
Also: Orientation is this friday, so me and my family will be heading to SC on Thursday to prep for that. Whooo 5 hours of driving. 
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 Fallon, you just bought most of the Final Fantasy related things on the PSN when it's on the 50% off sale, at least the ones that you didn't already own. But you also have the physical copies of them...? like Tactics and Dissidia games and stuff...? Even the one FF that wasn't on sale?

Look at this life and these choices: I just can't handle the gaps in my digitial media library where it could easily be filled. 

Yer a hoarder, Fallon!
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Quite possibly the most unsettling thing anyone working in an office-like environment are these words, “We’d like to have a meeting with you” by your supervisor. 

Because the worst is always assumed D:

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But then I’m afraid of clamming up at the meeting and say something super dumb. 

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 Lucy the CorgiLucy the Corgi

So this is Lucy the Corgi, whom my family and I have taken care of for my Aunt and Uncle a week ago. 

Last night she choked on food, which my Aunt successfully got out of its throat, which triggered a seizure and had to be rushed to animal hospital. The seizure caused heart problems, which included a heart murmur, and the surgery that would be required for Lucy would be too much for her body to handle. 

So today was her last day on earth, in which up until now had been peaceful and surrounded by caring and loving family members who made sure that in her old age that she was well-taken care of, illnesses and crippled legs and all. 

She smiled a lot, had smelly breath, and was very comforting to hold. 

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