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 Things I've played in the months of September and October:

1). Atelier Meruru
2). Atelier Totori
3). Final Fantasy VIII
4). Final Fantasy II
5). Mana Khemia: Al-Revis Academy.

.......amidst studying and work, of course. 

I also caved and bought a 3DS XL with the games Pokemon X and Tales of the Abyss to give me something to chew on aside from the other DS games I've brought with me. Yeah, that'll be fun. 

Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure this quarter system is going to kill me, if going out with my dormmates isn't doing that first. 

Also, groceries are expensive and I've taken to eating less...? 
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Last night, I had a pint, read more pages into a good book and waited for the unexpected strangers on my dash to blow over as I sleep. And that did the trick!

I also bought "The Walking Dead" and "Lego Batman" on my Vita, so I think that means I shouldn't go out to do things anymore unless it's with friends >3> . 

Lego Batman has Troy Baker as Bruce Wayne, and it's sorta fitting to imagine this one to be Tim Drake/Robin because Troy voiced him in Arkham City, and then I delighted myself in imagining this to also be Vincent from "Catherine" because Bruce ought to be plagued by man-sheep dreams with commitment issues, as well as being Snow Villiers because one way to get the Shiva Sisters to jive with you is with STEELGUARD.

And Sazh is back in Lightning Returns, fricking finally it's like last time when they were like "oh Sazh is DLC in XIII-2" what are they finding difficulty in showcasing the man first man, Sazh needs his own Vita spin-off to tie into LR just because he needs more screentime.

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Started playing: 

1). Dragon Age: Origins

2). Final Fantasy VII for Moogle U.

3). Cinders

............looks like it's "try out all the games you redownloaded onto your new computer because you're bored" phase. 

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I'm playing some Final Fantasy IV on the PSP, so it's the complete collection thing with the interlude and After Years, and after playing the DS version I was really impressed with the updated graphics for the sprites and the setting since it's the GBA version. Things look lush and vibrant in the game, and it feels different compare with playing the DS version where everything's three dimensional. I miss the voice acting, tho, and especially Kain's DEEEEEP voice and Cecil and Rydia's earnestness. And alas, no augments in this game. Or the bonus items in completing a dungeon map. Or the mini-games... No! I must finish this psp game! I haven't actually finished the DS game, for shame, in over a year even though I'm in the last level xD ahhhh well.

But this time around, I think I'm noticing the depth of the story more than I did when I first played it, and it could be because I'm not older and wiser and more informed, but with the story as a whole, I feel like I'm starting to realize the inner motivations and nuances of the characters than I did before. 

Character thinky thoughts about Cecil and Rosa and et al )
And that's my thinky thoughts for the day about FFIV. Now onto finishing the stupid dungeon and somehow getting all the party members at some point. 

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God, what a slog.

It's almost worth it, since I really like Oghren (even if Steven Blum wasn't voicing him- maybe).

Possibly scariest scene in Dragon Age thus far )

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I've played the game for a week now, and that's bad because I'm now becoming more irresponsible in my responsibilities. Because Dragon Age ate my free time. Waaaay too much.

I'm somewhat reminded of the battle system of Final Fantasy XII, since the use of tactics and such, but it's more convenient because some attack are already there to use and THEN let it be loaded up again. So I liked that, but it's not like I play many other RPG games outside of Japanese ones, silly me. And action games like Assassin's Creed, but you know I think that these Canadian video game developers have something special there. Bioware and Ubisoft tend to, I feel, have better representation of their characters, that is, they actually make them more interesting and well-rounded.

They make great stories and they back it up with good writing. "Beyond Good and Evil" and "Assassin's Creed" are good examples, and though I haven't seen much of Prince of Persia or Uncharted or Mass Effect and so forth, I can still get the understanding that they're all interesting for the most part.

Well anyway:

I play a female Cousland who wears her hair in prudish buns but has a harsh voice. I'm usually pragmatic in her dialogue choices, so I like to think of her as being too serious in appearance but when talking to her can be sympathetic and

Plot  ).

Romancing Alistair. )

Morrigan )
Although, I-I want everyone to be like a nakama to each other.... I wish everyone can totally be like One Piece!
Zevran: Misdemeanor #1 )

And Oghren makes Misdemeanor #2 )

And that's all for today.

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No, I do not mean basketball. Speaking of, I shake my fist at whoever controls the tv at the cafeteria for always staying on ESPN for March Madness whenever I get an in-between break from classes.

March was the time when I did a lot of pre-orders. Mouse-clicking madness, so to say. So this is list of new stuff:
  • Assassin's Creed t-shirt featuring Altair from Assassin's Creed 1 from SwapDog.com.
  • Assassin's Creed 1MillionAssassin's fan shirt from UbiWorkShop, so it's an official Assassin's Creed t-shirt
  • a sketch of Naveen from "The Princess and the Frog" drawn by bri-chan, a well-known Disney-themed artist from Deviantart, intended as a birthday present.
  • A plush doll of Professor Layton from Play-Asia.com, also a birthday item for the same person.
  • 5 Centimeters Per Second DVD from Crunchyroll.com. Such a beautiful movie.
  • The Collector's Edition of Dissidia Final Fantasy 012 original soundtrack with movie dvd, artbook, and badass classy case.

And now for the video game pre-orders:
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy 012 from Amazon, so it included the awesome Tifa alternative costume for me to fawn over and totally have another view of eye candy while punching out enemies. It goes up there with Squall in a sleeveless black tee and Kain's 2nd alternative costume when he was in Final Fantasy IV: After Years in terms of sexiness.
  • Parasite Eve's "The 3rd Birthday" which comes with the code for Lightning's Aya Brea costume. It's a really fun game.
  • Pokemon Black, from Amazon.com.
  • Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance, which is a lot of fun.
  • Tactics Ogre. Comes with pretty tarot cards
I've also bought a lot more so that I can (rack up the Square Enix points) get the things that I've always wanted to have but didn't have the money at the time for it:
  • Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. Battle System is.... interesting. Pretty cool game, though.
  • The World Ends with You
  • Kingdom Hearts re:coded.
Note to self: Need to get shelves for new stuff...

PS: I also bought volumes 1 to 15 of the xxxHolic manga from Ebay, OH DEAR LORD. There's no more space under my bed.

New Game!

Mar. 7th, 2011 06:51 pm
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Received Pokemon White today! Just the thing to cheer me up from a Pre-calculus test.

I've chose Oshawott, and the battle graphics are amazing!
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It should be very clear what would happen if you get a usually preoccupied person and mixed that person with the tendency to leaves things everywhere in the hopes that by creating some kind of pattern the need to remind oneself with post-its and agendas would be moot and could bring recollection of school assignments back without much prompting.

What I mean to say is what should I have expected when I find out on Sunday evening that I can't study for my Spanish test the next morning because the textbook is NOT IN MY ROOM? After agonizing and terrorizing the household upside for any possible, and impossible, location where I may have dumped the pile of paper, I realized that it's in my school locker in the gym about ten miles away. And then there's me who remains lacking a driver's license, not to mention the fact that the school would have closed all doors by then.

Should I have expected a 'C' for my efforts in studying in vain from online homework and the internet? Actually, if one does it right, one CAN do it. It's just that I am lacking in that skill so I shouldn't too surprised this morning that I got a deserved 59 for my lackluster efforts. So it's not the fact that I'm bitter right now because of the grade, because I happen to make deservedly silly mistakes due to my faulty brain.

But I'm agonizing the fact that this could have been preventable if I told my back to suck it up and carry the extra load so that you won't forget it anywhere and have it home, safe and sound, on my bedroom floor at the foot of my bed.

I'm pretty sure I'm eloquent today because of the mini-marathon of watching Zero Punctuation on "The Escapist" website, because really bitterness can only be released through cathartic, bitter, British game reviews :D
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I've finished Final Fantasy XIII yesterday, meaning that since buying the game a day after it came out, I have been grinding for three weeks in order to achieve this great achievement. Needless to say, I felt that the ending was a little lackluster.

It's probably because of the transition of how I played the final moments of the game. Like, before heading towards the final dungeon, I returned to open-sandbox world Gran Pulse to finish a couple missions. After I've done all I can, I returned to the final dungeon and ground my way through the level which was accompanied with particularly grating, pseudo-Twilight Zone music in the background; it gotten bad enough that the whole experience made me wish for an end to the horribleness or at least have the option to mute the music but keep the battle sounds going. Actually, I think I might have been able to but didn't think about it up to that point.

When I FINALLY got to the final boss, I gotta admit that it wasn't too challenging because it was more like a marathon of hitting the Big Bad and surviving his "REALLY POWERFUL" blows rather than the more urgent battles I've had with my missions, especially Titan's mission trial. I guess that's one more similarity to past final fantasies- easier boss fights compared to HARD missions. I've actually had to fight THREE boss fights which were divided up by fairly long, pretty cutscenes filled with melodrama like a Twinkie. Unlike a Twinkie, I wasn't filled with artificial sugary goodness; in fact, I was just waiting for the story to end.

I guess my problem with the ending was that it was a bit anti-climactic, and not just because I decided to read ahead on a fansite and spoiled the ending for myself, but when I compared to other endings like in Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and X, they were wrapped around so neatly. The end of the FFXIII game felt like it was open-ended enough to garner a sequel - which is would, as confirmed by the producers of the game, but really, that decision came after they finished making the game, so really I felt that there was something off with the ending itself. Wait, I think I know: because of how the entire focus of the game was more towards the characters rather than the world which they live in- like the absence of town exploration and interactions with other characters- that I really felt like I didn't care what happened to the world anyway. Don't get me wrong, I liked how the team cut corners like that so that they were able to make do with the bare bones while giving pretty exciting gameplay, but I guess I hadn't considered the story so much because of the game's focus on character development.

Oh well. At least this isn't the end of Final Fantasy XIII so I can look forward to the stuff later on. Overall, it was a pretty fun game that I'd like to replay now that I've gotten the hang of it.

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