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Quite possibly the most unsettling thing anyone working in an office-like environment are these words, “We’d like to have a meeting with you” by your supervisor. 

Because the worst is always assumed D:

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But then I’m afraid of clamming up at the meeting and say something super dumb. 

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Current: In Los Angeles. In Wilshire Grand. Obtained Anime Expo Premier fan badge and concert tickets, had a marvelous frappacino flavored Coconut Creme, and listening to CNN.

Situation: Attending Anime Expo Convention in Los Angeles for the whole 4th of July weekend, and rooming at the Wilshire Grand with two awesome roommates, one who is my awesome ex-coworker and the other his awesome friend who apparently has a colorful life and full of many talents. Among them cosplaying, hair, jewelry-making, and body-guarding.

Plans: Do the summer semester at my City College to finish up my General Education credits. Conceptual Physics 101, whoo! I think I can ask people on Dreamwidth on how to do my homework. I also have an appointment for my Driver's License test in July. I will finally be independent in mobility.

Done: Spring Semester. Things were better than expected. Especially that B in Pre-Calculus. YAY! Not so good on that Philosophy class... Buuuut, this will be my turning point.

I've also turned in my two weeks' notice to my restaurant boss. 2 years have been a long time in one place, and even if there are such awesome co-workers and staff, that boss/owner.... God, all the drama I avoided in high school rears its ugly head for the first time at work. So much tears and injustices....

I will eventually post pictures.
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Today will be the day that I should promise myself a few things. Those things are chiefly what I should do to be more responsible for myself.

I've recently received my midterms back from my American Literature and History of Philosophy classes, and.... they were a wake-up call. I wish I can say that it's because I didn't have enough time to finish them- which is pretty much what happened- but the bottom line was that I didn't study well for the both of them.

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He knows.... D:

I'm also strongly considering quitting my part-time job as a waitress at the sushi restaurant. Not only do I sometimes feel overworked there and sometimes under-appreciated by customers there, but I think that considering what's happening to me at school, I should perhaps take a break from earning spending-money and really start to work on my academics.
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So! Today, I will promise myself. I have about a whole month (WHAT?! WHAT!) of school left, I will study everyday. That means reading the textbooks for all my classes everyday, actually taking a little bit of notes. I also have a Pre-calculus class, so I will work on that textbook if it kills me.

This will be a changed Fallon. This will be the Academic! Fallon as she was always meant to be.

And fanfiction! I have to get started on that!

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South California is going through a bout of rain storms this week, and today had howling winds and whipping rain.

I worked double shifts tonight at the restaurant, and I have never had such dissonant mood swings in my life. Like EVER. I couldn't even remember the last time I've been experience a wide range of emotions over the span of five hours. And it was like there was a constant wave of changing emotions and by the end of my shift I was exhausted. I would go from chipper to irate to mirthful to rage within ten minutes depending on the tables I'm waiting or what a certain co-worker would say to me.

I spilled soy sauce-laden dishes twice today... over my next to only pair of pants and my (worn) $100 walking shoes! I burned my finger with blistering hot tea that splashed over the sides of a teacup and I just have to say that I have never felt more drained and exhausted in all my days in that sushi restaurant.

And recently, me and other co-workers would rant on this one specific co-worker, and I will assure you that she actually deserves them, and while I actually feel like a weight's been lifted from me when I commiserate about her, I really felt kind of bad for it because I know that in the big picture that it's kind of petty to talk behind that person's back about her faults and that I do wonder if it reflects on my behavior and I'm complaining about her as an excuse to make myself feel better over my own faults.

And goddamn it, why do I keep spelling words the British way, like "behaviour." That red squiggle line is telling me that what I'm doing is WRONG and that SUCKS.

Tips: overall, I made $96.

In other news: booked my room for Anime Expo! I'm going to be staying at the Millenium Biltmore!

Dear Me

Feb. 17th, 2011 11:48 pm
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If you can write a half-assed English paper discussing about racial identity in American Literature of which you are comparing two stories that has on one Jim Crow South and miscegenation, and the other being a Japanese American Nisei witnessing the gender roles of Asians in America as well as the loss of innocence of women being taken advantage of by men...

And it's all done within three hours, between sleepy space outs, making you miss out the two classes of the day including the American Lit class, turn it in at the teacher's office hours AND have it accepted because she is that awesome...

Then you can damn well finish a goddamn Valentine's Day one-shot in FFVII fandom!


That's me scowling at me.

Tips tonight: $46.

Also: Work was really good tonight, as I can confidently say that through my efforts I was able to wrangle $20 tips out of five tables. And it was a fairly slow night. I couldn't believe how much time has passed without me noticing it. I guess not freaking out allows time to flow faster.

Sidenote: My paycheck was WICKED.
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So... Math is not doing so well. Kind of bombed my first midterm. I'm getting Senior year deja vous all over again... I probably misspelled deja vous, too...  Ugh...

So I've fallen into routine.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I sleep in until I have to get up for the bus at around 10:00 am. Bus arrives at 10:48 approximately and I get to school at around 11:05 which gives me five minutes to walk to my math class. Pre-calc taught by a Wisconsin teacher, kind of interesting. I only have math class during these days, as I'd prefer to leave it for fun. Though I might have to change my schedule or something for work hours or whatever. Since I do work in the mornings on the rest of the weekdays and I don't really enjoy that. I also get quizzes every Monday, which I may or may not prepare for. Speaking of which, I now realize I have to do more math.

Tuesday and Thursday, I try to get up before 9:00 so that I could go to work at around 9:00 am. Work two hours then bike back home for breakfast and speedy pedaling to bus stop. Kind of not enjoying those days.... I work at this health food publishing house place that's really close to home which also, apparently sells its own health food, like apple cider vinegar and olive oil. I work down at the warehouse processing the packages going to who-knows-where, and I always work with this one other guy, this old dude named Mark, and while he's an interesting guy... I kinda got really tired of being around him. And it shows too, since nowadays I just seem to brush him off and not pay too much attention to him and just wish that work would speed by really fast. Which is VERY RUDE, but I can't seem to get myself motivated to be more than just polite to him. Or talk more to him. I'm really considering changing where I should work. But since I only work a couple of hours a week, which I hope will change soon, and it's still part-time... I don't know... I'll try, though.

Weekends are my lifeline. They keep me sane.

I'm also sending letters to my friends who's out-of-state in college, which I think is nice. It's kind of therapeutic to write on paper than just email. So far I'm only sending letters to... two people... but maybe it'll change to more people further down the line. That means I have to pay for my own postage stamps, don't I?

But you know, sometimes I wonder if this is how it's going to be all semester: like just school and work. I work two jobs, one in the morning and one sporadically at night since I work at Cold Stone Creamery. I try to maintain good grades in three classes: Pre-calc, Japanese 101, and Film Studies. Two of these I really like, but I realized that I don't NEED to take the Pre-calc class to fulfill my math requirement. I actually need Statistics for Biology or Psychology purposes for my major. Apparently I just went down the math path for aspiring engineers and physicists. :/

Then I go home to relax on the computer or meet up with one or two friends to hang out and talk about nothing. That's all I do: School, Work, Socialize sporadically.

I'm busy and yet I'm not busy. I really feel like, "Hey, maybe I should join a club or something" but it always feel like so much work to me and I just want to maybe crash a club like I did in high school instead of going to the Student Life office to file my membership to a club. And I really feel like I'm not even trying to make friends at college. I don't know what's wrong with me. Am I, like, a loner by nature? Like I don't know how to make new friends or something? It kind of worries me a little because I don't really want to go through college looking forward to lengthy breaks so that I could meet up with my other buddies who've gone elsewhere for their higher learning.

Wow, this is my first rant at LJ. Kind of a big milestone for me.

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